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  1. Hi all, I am trying to decide between those two and would like some feedback if possible. I currently use a Nikon F100, but don't have much glass, just the 60 and the 16 and a cheap zoom for topside. The 60 would work fine on the D70, but I'd probably need something else for wide angle. So glass is not a reason for not switching to Canon.


    Now, I was almost buying a D70 but I tested one and I found the autofocus *very* slow compared to my F100. My question is, how faster is the 20D 9 point autofocus? The greatest advantage of the 20D would be TTL on Ikelite, that would help a lot with my fish pics, so if someone had a chance to compare the D70 with the 20D, please let me know what you think of the autofocus.





  2. Ok, ok guys, you convinced me, with so many great fish shots in manual exposure I have to admit that I have no reason for sticking with film (I never tried shooting manual with film, so maybe that where my dependence to TTL comes from).


    I was ready to click the order button (for a D70 and a Sea&Sea housing), but then I saw someone mention a possible D90 on this tread; if there is one other thing that I rely heavily on for my fish shots is fast and precise AF. I think I will wait a little longer and see if a Nikon camera with a better AF than the F80 appears next year.



  3. Hi Alex,


    This is a popular subject indeed. I think TTL is not a big issue for people that shoot mostly wide angle and a few fish portraits. However, for those who want to register fish behavior****, or not so common fishes (those that you see only once in a 10 day trip), geting the correct exposure on the first shot is essential, and that's when TTL becomes *very* useful.


    ****Only now I saw your second post, so let me add to mine. This is the first time that I hear about fish behavior without TTL, how do you achieve this? Do you try to keep the same camera-to-subject distance or you just get a feel about the exposures and sets the flash accordingly? My system does very reliable TTL (F100 with Ike ss200), and I am always pleased with the results. The only reason I didn't upgrade to digital was the lack of TTL.

  4. I have a question about Sea&Sea and Ikelite housings for the D70, do they work in TTL with a housed SB800? I mean, I heard that some housing companies changed the wires in the hotshoe in order for the camera to work with the current strobes in manual. I mainly do fish (fast fish) photography and I really need TTL, that's why I need a housed SB800. Also, how does the power of the housed SB800 compares to the power of the let's say Ikelites 100a, 200 and 125?

  5. Thanks for the info! Where did you get the Ikelite info on TTL? Is it in their webpage? I can't find it. If that's the case I will certainly think about Ikelite again (I've had housings for the N90 and F100, but was very disappointed with the F100 housing because the flash connector was on the bottom and always broke).

  6. Hi all,


    It is time to upgrade to digital (I guess), film is starting to cost too much and the quality of digital is just great now. My film system is all Nikon, so I decided to buy the D70 (I would consider the new Fuji S3 but they don't support standard TTL anymore).


    Well, my big question is about the flash. I really need the system to work reliably on TTL. I mostly take fish pictures, and I don't want to hassle with manual flash exposures while that new species that I need to photograph swims away. I am trying to decide between the Subal and Nexus housings for the D70 (and more specifically between the Subal housing for the Nikon SB800 or the Inon D180 with the optical connection). Does anybody here uses Inon with optical connection? Does it work in dTTL with the D70? I would prefer the Inon system and a Nexus housing because it would be a cheaper combination (the alternative would be an SB800 and a Subal housing for it, what would cost over $1,000 versus about $600 for the Inon).


    Thanks for any advice.

  7. Hi all,


    My name is Luiz, I am originally from Brazil but lived a long time in the US and I'm now based in Panama. I am a marine biologist and for now I work for the Smithsonian Institution. My specialty is reef fish, that's why I am interested in UW photo, to record new species, behaviours, etc. I dive since 1991 and seriously take pictures since 1998. I've had a few housings and I'm now settled and very satisfied with a Sea&Sea NX100 for the Nikon F100. Some of the fish pictures that I've taken over the years are at the Florida Museum of Natural History.


    I'm thinking about buying a digital system by the end of the year, probably the D70. Too bad Sea&Sea is now making super-heavy monster housings, if they kept the compact design of the NX100 for the digitals I would certainly buy again from them, but I'm not buying those big, heavy boxes, so I will probably get a Subal or Nexus.

  8. Here is a fish picture that I took at the Marquesas. I was going to post more, but I don't know how to attach more than one picture to a message. I will post other messages (not many) soon.


    Old school, film camera, mostly Fuji Provia 100F. Any comments are appreciated!

  9. Hi, this is a sponge-dwelling goby. They hide inside the sponges during the day, that's why you don't see them. I can't tell if it is a Risor or Evermanichthies from this picture, maybe if you get a picture of the side...

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