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  1. Andy, Would you consider selling the strobes only? Best regards. Ramon
  2. Hi, UPS lost my housing and with it the mounting plate for the TTL converter. Sea&Sea does not sell it by itself I have to buy a new TTL converter. If you have one of this mounting plates and would like to sell it please contact me, I will gladly buy it. Thanks. Ramon
  3. Hi Hacker, If you still have them, I want them. Please tell me how much will it be shipped to Mexico City. I know it is not Europe, but almost ; ) Best regards. Ramon
  4. Hi, If you are willing to change your policy of "only US sale" I will buy your ULCS arms. Regards.
  5. As the title states, I am looking for the Sea & Sea Focus Gear for the Nikkor 105mm Micro VR it is the #31133. If you have one and want to sell it, donate it or trade it please send me a PM. Thanks. Ramon
  6. I bought an Inon 45 Viewfinder from mandarinfish. Linda (mandarinfish) is not only a great photographer, she is an excellent person, she went for the extra effort in order to make this a very pleasant transaction. The viewfinder is in perfect condition and Linda sold it at a great price. Highly recommended. EDIT: Moved into this Topic By TheRealDrew
  7. Hi, Looking for an Inon or a Nauticam viewfinder for my MDX-D300 Housing, either 45 or 180ยบ. If you have one and want to get rid of it, I'll take it. Best regards. Ramon
  8. I hope it is not too late. For the DX-D100 you need to send it to S&S for a modification. I understand that not all DX-D100 housings are suited for this modification, it depends on the serial number. If you connect a TTL converter to a not suited converter connector will damage the converter and possibly the housing. Regards
  9. Hi I am new in the forum. I am interested in the TTL converter and the cords. Are they still available? Best regards. Ramon
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