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  1. Ben, I'd be interested in buying one of those kits from you if you have any more left...just let me know. I got a Canon 40D last year and it flooded, so I'm trying to use my old Oly for the time being. B-order, if you find a place to buy the big o-rings for the back of the housing, can you post here, or else pass the info on to me? I was going to trade my c5050 in on the Olympus site towards another of their cameras (they're running a trade-in promotion right now), but they were only going to give me $13 for it! And that's with all the cables, manual, CD, etc! Then when I called them today about getting new o-rings for the housing, I was really frustrated when they said, "Well, the camera's 7 years old..." The technician was very nice and helpful, but I told him that I won't be purchasing anything else from Olympus because they don't support their products long enough.
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