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  1. I know, it just I think if compacts already quite expensive, why not jump into 100d instead for better control in photo and quality, maybe attach a gopro for video. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, for sure will be searching for samples about these camera's result!
  2. Panasonic GH3 or GH4 seems nice but, they seems a way more expensive too
  3. Hi all, I need suggestions for my next camera. I'm using Canon G10 in a Canon housing with additional Fantasea wide-angle, Inon macro and strobe Sea&Sea YS-27DX. I'm happy with the photo quality but for video that I think I definitely needs upgrade. At this moment, I'm considering buying Canon G1X Mark II or Sony RX100 II or DSLR Canon 100D with 18-55mm kitt adding 60mm lense for macro. Note that I love taking macro shot (as most of them are easier to shoot than pelagic) and taking video for most of the action (for shooting student divers or underwater life) Any suggestions will be much appreciated
  4. i guess i just hoping they competent enough then..
  5. Does anyone dived with Minahasa Divers at Sendona hotel in Manado? I'm planning to go there next month
  6. Hi there, I'm interested in buying that lens together with the adapter and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Could you please calculate how much is it gonna to cost (incl expedited shipping please, I can't rely on standard shipping) and could you post some picture of it? Regards, Tino
  7. Hello to all.. my name is Valentino and I live in Indonesia. I'm new to underwater photography and I recently bought Canon G10 and planning to buy Canon housing and Sea&Sea YS-17 package which aren't too expensive. Any suggestions? Thank you
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