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  1. thats something id like to try doing, im just not sure how ill go about taking care of my air while down there. i have a pony bottle and that wouldnt last long, i was even thinking of making some sort of makeshift breathing tube that i could put outside the pool while i was down under...what a complicated hobby :/
  2. whenever i go someplace with my rig i make sure its taken as a carry on, id be petrified to hand it to someone pre-flight, were going to new guinea in a week and a half and even if its at the expense of checking in my clothing ill be keeping it with me.
  3. thanks for the advice ill check out some of the wrecks here in a drysuit sans-camera til i get my bearings. im looking to to just get better with my digital camera technique, ive used 35 mm manual cameras with some great results but ive never seen a digital camera as anything more than a point and shoot snapshot tool. and ill definately be taking a class in digital photography next semester...good suggestion!
  4. i recently bought a rig and took a class in how to use it in miami. i have to say its probably the most fun ive ever had with a camera...my dillemma is how do i practice getting better if i live in a place like nyc? the only dive spots seem to be in pretty murky cold water off of long island and i would need to invest in a dry suit (something ive never tried before) is there anyone else on here who can offer advice on how to practice? is coldwater diving for photography particularly difficult? will the murkiness affect my experience? anything i can do to increase my bottom time? ill attach one of the photos i took on my first dive with my camera/5th dive ever, sorry for the awful quality hopefully ill get better with time
  5. very new to the medium and a bit unsure how to go about getting experience. i live in nyc and i just went to miami and took a class to teach me how to use my new rig. theres so little time to stay down there and so much to practice how in the world do you put in a lot of time into experimenting if you only get 30 minutes of bottom time on average??? in the spirit of the forum i have a canon dsc-w100 with an ikelite houseing and ikelite ds-51 strobe/e.v. controller
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