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  1. Hi Luko, yes one or 2 pics were taken diving with you... Definitely the one with the 2 clownfish, I'm not sure about any other... I'll probably post some photos of the humpbacks from last year, I hope the season will be good this year too so that I can get clearer ones with a nicer blue (you know I do like blue ). It will be right in the middle of the season when you come back, I hope you'll be luckier with the weather and sea condition this time... About the little weird fish, apparently it can be called seamoth as well as "short" or "little" dragonfish : fishbase See you around !
  2. Thank you Cpix and Aqua_soul. I'm glad you enjoyed our little island. It's true that there is a lot to do (diving, hiking, paragliding, surfing, canyoning, mountainbiking, horseriding, beachgoing) and a huge variety of landscapes here. Pity so few people speak English though, quite a handicap for tourism and the main reason (with European prices too) why we don't see a lot of international tourists here. Unlike our "sister island" Mauritius very few european or american people know about it as well, when I was in SA most South Africans did though. Feel free to ask me any question you like, you're welcome. Yes, I think it's eating a shrimp. It's a small dragonfish, Eurypegasus draconis. A very weird fish with its armoured body, its wings and its flattened trump. It's very rare here, this one is the only one that's ever been seen in Reunion (a lot of people did see it though because it's very sedentary).
  3. last series for today, but I have much more in stock if you like them...
  4. hello, Here are a few pictures I took in Reunion Island, where I live. Every opinion, advice, criticism is welcome. If you need any information about diving here or in the area (Mauritius, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Mayotte) I'd be delighted to help you. These pictures were taken last year (2008) with a Canon A710is + Inon D2000 strobe :
  5. Hi, I'm interested in your UWL100. Is it M67 mount ? What would it cost to ship it to Reunion ? Please PM or email me for details.
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