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  1. Reduced.............. I'll accept offers around £2,750 for this full set; this is about 50% of the current retail cost. I really want to shift this kit as it's completely wasted sat under my desk. Please contact me with offers cheers Lee
  2. I am selling my underwater camera gear, which is a Nikon D80 with Aquatica housing set. Reason for sale is that I bought the whole lot in preparation for a planned trip to Bikini Atoll, which was sadly cancelled due to the island closing down . As a result, the whole thing is really rather wasted on me and has been sat in my spare room since August of last year. The underwater stuff is all about 18 months old and has only been used for two brief trips to Egypt, so is in perfect and pretty much as-new condition. The camera is a couple of years old but is also in perfect condition. The cost to buy this stuff new today would be just over £5,000; I'm looking for and open to reasonable offers as it's just sat here gathering dust. I'm in the UK (Yorkshire) and will be happy to arrange delivery / collection to suit a buyer Includes the following: Nikon D80 Body Nikon 18 – 135mm kit lens Sigma 10mm – 20mm lens Sigma 17 - 70 HSM Macro lens Aquatica D80 housing - rated to 90m with 5 pin TTL wiring Aquatica 8" Dome Port w/ neoprene cover Aquatica Extension Ring Aquatica Dome Shade Aquatica Zoom Gear Ikelite DS125 Strobe w/ ball arm Ikelite smart charger Ikelite iTTL adapter Peli Case 1610 Also thrown in, a camera rucksack, most of the original packaging, 3 x SD memory cards and a couple of filters and bits and pieces. Please PM me for further information, questions etc Thanks Lee
  3. And another - I think Lightroom is a fantasatic piece of software, and works best when working with RAW shots Lee
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