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  1. Looks pretty promising. From the dimensions and photos, it looks like it might fit in existing housings? Appears the tilting LCD only adds a few mm to the back, and buttons are in the same place. Will be curious to see if the low light performance is indeed better.
  2. I would def say the RX100. I am looking at this option as well. Here is a good review from a purely video review http://www.eoshd.com/content/8499/sony-rx100-review
  3. Curious to see this housing next to a 7D or similar housing to see the size difference - I know its smaller of course but with that detachable flash it looks pretty big. I am still getting one though!
  4. Cant wait! Hope it has a nice usable evf like on the NEX-7 housing!
  5. Great review Alex. I will probably be one of those SLR shooters who downsize! Looking forward to what Nauticam comes out with for this camera.
  6. Really looking forward to this review. Are you using the Olympus housing or the rumored Nauticam housing?
  7. I also just purchased an OM-D and the in body IS is pretty great. I also can imagine that it would be great for video underwater as well.
  8. I just picked up an OM-D, was in the same situation as you trying to decide and I had narrowed my choices down to the OM-D, Panasonic GX1, or NEX 5/7. The OM-D is great so far, great size, great image quality, built in image stabilization, nice evf, fast af, 1/250th sync speed... now we just need a few housing options. Olympus housing is on its way and I hear Nauticam is as well...
  9. With the included locking port ext and Zen 100mm for Tokina 10-17 With the included locking port ext, port ext, and flat port for Canon 100mmL, and included Fisheye Fix focus light.
  10. OM-D has 1/250 shutter sync. Just got the camera and really loving it. Glad I went with this over the NEX-7.
  11. I have been considering the NEX-7 and the GX1 or OM-D for a while now. Just ordered an OM-D. I played with the NEX-7 and really loved the camera, but was not thrilled by the lenses. There are some good lenses for land, the Sony Zeiss 25mm, the Sigma 30mm, the Sony 50mm, but none of these really are that suitable for uwp. The 30mm Macro seems like a good lens but focuses so close that its a bit difficult underwater. The high m pixel sensor on the NEX-7 seems to really need the higher end, expensive, bigger lenses. The Nauticam housing is beautiful though. I liked the GX1 but really decided I wanted a viewfinder (for land use mainly, but would be nice underwater as well if its as usable as the NEX-7 is in its Nauticam housing). I went with the OM-D after all the review and comparisons to other mirror less and DSLRs but most important due to the great lens selection. Housings from multiple manufactures should be out in the coming months.
  12. Hi Everyone, sorry for the long delay getting back to all interested. I have decided to sell this complete setup. Will try and get some pictures posted of the housing and everything. I am looking for $3750 for everything and do not really want to part it out. I also have a mint Canon 7D, Canon 100mm-L, Tokina 10-17mm if anyone is interested as well.
  13. Hi All, I am seriously considering selling my full Nauticam 7d setup. I have used it on maybe 15-20 dives and is in excellent condition. I just don't dive it enough anymore and would rather it go to good use. I am still on the fence about this sale, so let me know if anyone is interested and we can see if we can make a deal - everything with original boxes/o-rings/tools/etc. Not really interested in parting it out. Nauticam NA 7D housing (early version with 4 mount points on top) Nauticam lanyard Zen glass mini dome Nauticam Extension ring 20 with lock Nauticam zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm lens Nauticam Compact locking base port Nauticam Compact port extension 30 Nauticam Compact port 30 FIX LED 500DX Focus light Pelican 1510 hard case
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