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  1. Chris, As far as ethics, we normally send out emails to one person at a time. Tammy did not realize sending to the 10 or so names on your site was doing anything wrong. She will refrain from doing this in the future. We are SORRY! Now that I proven my ethics, we would like to create a special offer for those who have read this. We will call it the "we're so sorry Chris Grossman special" Anyone who mentions this thread will receive a 25% discount (good until 9-1-09) on their first framed piece. Now, Chris, are we doing anything wrong???? Roger Laudy www.imagewizards.net rkl@imagewizards.net
  2. Chris, My name is Roger Laudy. I am the president of Image Wizards, Inc. Tammy Pierce works for my company. She is an excellent employee and works hard every day. If she comes across a site that she thinks might have an interest in our product, she might send them an email. We don't buy bulk email list and blast the world like your making it out to be. I looked up the definition of spaming and here is what I have found. It talks about bulk emails being sent .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_(electronic)#E-mail_spam I am sorry that you received our email and have made the choice not to do business with our company. Why wouldn't you just respond back to us and tell us to not send any future emails again? Don't you have better things to do? We have made a lot of believers with our AluminArte product, not to mention a lot of new friends. I'm sorry you won't be one of them:( Roger
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