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  1. Was looking at Aperture 2 and was thinking of switching over from Photoshop Elements 8. What are the pros, cons and recommendations?
  2. Yes, mine is a stand alone policy as well, although I do get a multiple line discount with it.
  3. If you are in the states, I have all my gear, to include my camera, housing, flash, etc.... insured through State Farm. They have a sports equipment policy that covers all that gear regardless of how it is lost or damaged.
  4. I switched to Mac and will have no plans on going back to PC. I'm a complete novice with photo editing, so using Elements 8. I've not found anything I could do on PC that I can't do on my Mac Book Air. Very well thought out, simple to use. Installing and removing programs is easier, better short cuts, many can be done with a few finger swipes on the touch pad.
  5. Here is the link over to rebreather world where Curt showed how he set his up. http://www.rebreatherworld.com/photography...eph-dovala.html
  6. Curt Bowen just showed his strobe configuration over on RBW. He uses a single handheld strobe with dive lights attached.
  7. Thanks all for the pointers. I'll keep trying.
  8. I did the full upgrade to Snow Leopard and updated to Elements 8. I've not had any issues with software.
  9. FWIW, I have a MacBook Air. I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and have had no software issues. It seems that the graphics are a little crisper and it runs faster. I also upgraded to Photoshop Elements 8. I'm just a hobbyist when it comes to photo editing, but I love the new program. Hope this helps a little. Nate
  10. Thanks for all of your advice. I will look these books up and add them to my library. I tried "zooming with my fins", but fish just weren't having any of that. I try and apply the 3rds rule, I even put a clear piece of tape on my viewfinder with it gridded off. If you all wouldn't mind, here is one more.
  11. Hello, This is my first attempt at UW photography. I bought a used Olympus 5050Z with PT-15 housing and Inon d180 strobe. The only Photoshop work I did was to edit out some back scatter and crop it down. What can I do for better pics, both staging and quality?
  12. Hi, my name is Nate and this is my first post. I bought a used Olympus 5050z with Olympus PT-15 housing and an Inon D180 strobe. I also came with an Inon WA and Macro lens. I got some pointers from a friend and took it off shore, in North Carolina, this weekend.
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