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  1. This whole item is SOLD. Thanxs folks
  2. Love the web site but those transitions maybe still a little fast. Bloody awsome pics.
  3. Hi Jenny. The Napoleon swimming through the bubbles, did it do that on purpose or was that one of those lucky shots. I love the schooling pics.
  4. Hi folks. I have put up my camera and housing up for sale on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/270934185973?ss...984.m1555.l2649 If you have any questions, please ask. If it does not sell I am willing to break it up. I will post to anywhere in the world at buyers cost. Thanxs, Chris
  5. So, I am off to get trained on the new Discovery Mk6 re breather in the near future. I understand that it is aimed at the recreational diver to a max depth of 40 meters. What I have read and seen with re breathers is the need for a bail out bottle which I fully understand. My questions are, 1. will it be really necessary for a bail out bottle with this type of re breather? 2. If you were interested in taking up this new world of diving with no interest in going beyond 40 meters, would a bail out bottle put you off? 3. Here in OZ, it is very popular to do double dives. Would dive operators allow re breather divers to stay down and meet them at the destination of the second dive with out coming up for the usual hour or so rest before the next dive? I am just looking for peoples thoughts on this. I am excited about this new era in recreational diving, and it may make the photography side alot more fun and interesting......no bubbles and no noise.
  6. Hey folks. Dont forget coffs harbour as a fantastic dive destination. South Solitary Island has so mant different dive sites in such a small area with its underwater arch, swim throughs, long walls and gutters. Grey Nurse Sharks, Logger Head turtles, Green turtles and Hawkes Bill turtles. Then theres Split Solitary Island where you can find new born Grey Nurse Sharks at the right time of year, North Solitary Island with the largest Anemone collection out side the GBR. All these sites offer diving from 5m to 30+m with most stuff found between 12-20m. Put these 3 dive detinations together (Byron, Coffs and South West Rocks) and I think you could have an amazing years worth of diving from those sites alone PS, like the pics
  7. thanxs for the info Steve
  8. Hello everyone. When I created my account I came up with the name Bluediver. Well I have now decided that I would like to use my real name. Am I able to do this or can you do this for me??
  9. If I was to pick between the G11 or the new S90 I would take the S90. It does just about all the G11 can and has RAW. Its nice and compact and the FIX housing is awsome. It snuggly fits around the S90 and has easier to use and more options than the Canon housing. Have a look at the remora flash from Fantasea or the Ikelite AF35. Both are great external strobes to get you started. Hope this helps.
  10. So, I have had the ikelite mod done to my housing, four port clips and the threaded part fitted on top. Now I understand it is for fitment of focus lights but can some one please tell me where i can get the parts to FIT this thread to enable me to attach a focus light. Funny thing about this is ikelite don't list anything to go into it? Any help on this would be most grateful.
  11. its the most inpracticle fun mobile you will ever own. i had an old YJ and it rocked. why i dont have it anymore...... i moved country.
  12. My partner and myself are traveling to the UK from Australia for a family gathering and then planning on going on to the Red Sea for our first diving holiday abroad. We are both current instructors with well over 3000+ dives between us. We have been on small liveboards but never done resort diving. We are also avid underwater photographers with a point and shoot set up and a D-SLR set up which we intend to bring with us. I would love sugestions on both liveboard and resort diving. It will be our first overseas dive trip. We are planning on being there from mid July 2011. Its a way off yet but will help me get through all the suggestions. Your time and suggestions will be most welcome. thanxs Chris Thanxs so far for all the info below. Adam, your trip sounds great but a year early. Would be interested if your planning one for 2011.
  13. Thanxs to all those who replyed so far. Those Apexs Flights look very tempting. DAVEPHDV, would you mind letting me now a little more about your experiences with the travelight BCD. From what most people are saying, the way to go is the back plate with wing. I will be looking at that a little more now. Again, thanxs for input so far.
  14. G'Day everyone. I am thinking of trading in my heavy "wing" BCD for a light weight jacket type BCD such as the cressi-sub travelight BCD. I have also been thinking about the Apex flight Regs. Does anyone have these items and if so "what do you think of them?" Are they any good for UWP? Is the BCD up to the job? If you have any other ideas with regards to trimming the weight with regards to BCDs and Regs, I would love to hear it. Thanxs
  15. So many great story's. Keep them coming. Thanxs to everyone who has added there story's. love reading them.
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