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    Brisbane, QLD. Australia
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    U/W Photography (of course)<br />Scuba diving (cant get enough)<br />Member of SURG (www.surg.com.au)

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    canon 450D
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    1xikelite DS125

About Me



I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have been diving for 9 years after learning to dive soon after arriving in Australia. I started taking underwater pics with a disposable camera on my first dive after my openwater course and was hooked.


I now own a Canon 450D with Canon 100mm macro and a Canon 10-22mm wide angle. This is all stored in an Ikelite housing with the Ike dome. I have one DS125 strobe.


I am a crrent PADI open water instructor and have also just invesyed in a Poseidon Discovery Mk6 rebreather with the hope of becoming an instructor on this very soon.


I love diving. It takes my mind away from everything that is going on above water. I wish I could get out more.

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