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  1. We have made four trip to Anilau & have stayed at Club Ocellaris all four times. If you are into diving, eating, sleeping & doing cameras, this is a great place. The staff & boat crews are awesome, totally geared for photographers. Great food. Great critter finders. No nightlife there but it is closeby. Go to www.clubocellaris.com & check it out. A lot of professional photographers go there year after year. lbogy
  2. Thanks to all who helped. I have just played with the camera at my desk & gotten the flash to work in super macro by going through the mode menu. On the dive trip I was using the left side button & the dial, which was not working. Wish I had talked to you guys first. Lbogy
  3. Just a thought - I was told by photographers better than myself that sometimes you just have to turn the camera off to make it focus and also if you point it out to a wide open space it will not focus until you turn it off & back on pointed at something specific. lbogy
  4. I have recently bought the Oly 5060 & have gone on one dive trip with it. I have 2 slave strobes and have realized that the camera flash does not work in super macro which gives me no slave flash at all in super macro. All my super macro pics were blue/green from too little light. Any way around this? Also, was wondering - does the 5050 camera flash in super macro?
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