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  1. I saw this critter on two night dives on the same site in Horseshoe Bay, South Rinca. The ID books on the boat suggested it was Pleurobranchus reticulatus but said it was only known from the Andaman Sea. After getting home I've tried to find it on-line but P reticulatus isn't listed on Nudipixel or Sea Slug Forum. Can anybody help me out? Thanks
  2. I found this toby on a dive in Rinca. It has an obvious parasite attached above its left eye and I'd be interested in anything anyone can tell me about it. Thanks
  3. Hi I have two SP350s and the housing which are available for sale (I've recently upgraded to a micro 4/3rds set up). I'm thinking of £100 for one of the cameras and I'll sell the other with the housing as a package. Like you I'm in England so postage will be low or even non-existent if we could meet up (I'm in West London). ATB Dave
  4. Hi, I've been using an Inon UCL 330 (+3.03 dioptre) in front of the 20mm prime lens on my GF1 in a 10 Bar housing with excellent results. I must admit that I've now bought an 8mm macro but I haven't used it underwater yet so I can't offer a comparison. David
  5. If you're seriously interested in sharks I'd recommend you try a Project Shark trip on a blueOtwo boat (www.blueotwo.com). The guide for these trips is Elke Bowjanowski who is an shark expert, particularly interested in oceanic whitetips. The last time I was on one of these we saw hammerheads, grey reefs and threshers as well as the oceanics. The boats are also very nice and well organised. Enjoy.
  6. My two trips to the Maldives have both been on a liveaboard called 'Sea Spirit'. It's one of two Maldavian style boats (the other is Sea Queen) operated by Maldives Scuba Tours (www.scubascuba.com) and I'd recommend it highly. The dive guides are very knowledgable and photographer friendly. It's a great place, mantas are (almost) guaranteed and whale sharks aren't too uncommon. Enjoy.
  7. I'm stuck at home when I was supposed to be in the southern Red Sea!
  8. Hi Paul, I'm not aware of any book specifically on underwater photography in archaeology. There's a short section in 'Underwater Archaeology; The NAS guide to principles and practice 2nd edition' (ISBN 978-1-4051-7591-3) but it is rather basic. There's also a decent paper by Martin & Martin in The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, vol 31, pages 137-147, on the use of Photoshop to produce photomosaics. If you are interested in recording a site then this might be useful. If you want to record individual finds then you just need good photographic technique but you must include a scale, preferably graduated in centimetres, in the image. Hope this helps, David
  9. I've had two trips to the Maldives, both on board 'Sea Spirit' and both have been excellent with good guides who were prepared to let people do their own thing and not try to regiment us. They also knew their way around, gave good briefings and could be relied on. It's a matter of luck whether you see whale sharks or not but I saw lots of mantas on both trips as well as lots of other stuff, both pelagics and macro. I loved it and I'm looking forward to another trip, probably on the same boat, or her sister, because I trust them. Dave
  10. I did a 1:1 with Martin a week before going on a Red Sea liveaboard with him. The day really set me up for the week and I can't believe the improvement in the images I ended up getting. I was totally impressed with his professionalism - just as an example, he wasn't familiar with the compact camera I use (Olympus SP350) but he took the trouble to read about it the day before I met him and he knew its capabilities probably better than I did. I'm going on another trip with him in June and it's hard to wait. Dave
  11. Greetings, I've been using an Olympus SP350 in the PT-030 housing and I recently added a wide angle lens and an external strobe. A recent dedicated photgraphic liveaboard trip has stimulated me to think about getting an SLR. I like using the LCD screen as a viewfinder and I was wondering if anyone has experience of a housing that permits the use of Liveview for any SLR. If so, would you share your thoughts with me. Thanks in advance.
  12. Greetings from a new member in England. I've been diving for 7 years and carrying a compact with me on dives for the last 4. I recently decided to get serious about taking pictures and went on a photographic week on a liveaboard in the southern Red Sea. What a difference that's made to my pictures! Talking photography all week was great and I hope to get the same stimulation from the forums on this site.
  13. I've just started using RAW. Despite the slow write speed on my compact I've decided it delivers so much more flexibility when it comes to processing.
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