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  1. Hi Pete, I've always been really happy with the footage the last years, the colours are very vivid, great white balance and the fathom lens is just a delight But the more other videos I watch now from new pro cameras, its getting painful to my eyes to edit my own footage! I'm still kind of gutted it broke though, I would be very happy to have kept it as a back up kit. The housing took a knock or something I think, cos for the last 50 or so dives it was leaking, but really minor. 1 or 2 small drips after a dive inside. I changed all the orings a few times but still leaked. Eventually the back screen packed in... But I still used it for filming with no screen ^^ .... And then the electrics completely went. L&M never replied about a replacement backplate and monitor, but I'm sure it is not going to be worth it. The housing and lens is locked to such an old camera. :( I will upgrade soon to the PMW 200 with Gates so I can get another Fathom SWP lens
  2. A self indulgent video to lay tribute a recently died housing. Its all shot from a Sony SR12 which is seriously dated and slightly embarrassing quality compared to what others are posting here, but it was a fun 5 or so years filming as a hobby..... Time for an upgrade The YouTube Blurb: A 'Best Of' video made from footage collected over 5 years Footage includes: Mating Blue Ringed Octopus, Tiger Shark, Pygmy Seahorse, Mimic Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Frogfish, Weedy Sea Dragon and MANY MORE Locations: Fiji - Pacific Harbour Australia - Great Barrier Reef, South West Rocks, Sydney Thailand - Similan Islands, Koh Tao Indonesia - Bali, Wakatobi, Lembah Straits, Pulau Weh, Gili Islands Shot with Sony SR12 Camcorder, Light & Motion Bluefin Housing, 110 Degree Fathom WA Lens Please Like and Share! The music is I am Victorious by Tim McMorris under a Creative Common licence http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ www.timmcmorris.com The footage was converted to 1080p for YouTube using high quality method from Nick Hope Bubble Vision: http://www.bubblevision.com/underwater-video/Vegas-YouTube-Vimeo.htm
  3. I have some stuff up on Ocean Stock. They charge setup for every 100 mins uploaded with Ocean Stock. So It pretty much comes on every payment you get, if you upload lots of footage. I don't know if Getty required exclusive, but Ocean Stock does not, but then you get 30% not 50% I'm in the same situation as Simon... The amount of work logging files online... I don't even look at other options, I can't bare to redo all that again.
  4. Wow... Insane close ups and skill with lighting. Well deserved win Shit... Makes me think about going night diving again! It's been years
  5. I think the Koh Tao 'novice teaching a beginner' is a bit harsh I lived in Koh Tao for many years and did a couple of days work once for one of the video companies there. While there are some stories I have directly heard of awful videographer courses, there are also very good ones there. I depends what you want to learn. If you want to learn skills to make a fun video targeted for open water students or that kind of thing then I can't think of a better place to learn then Koh Tao. A working day is filming in the morning and editing in the afternoon ready for sale in the evening. It's astonishing the quality of video some of them can produce in this time, and you would learn the tricks for this. It is a great project template to have. Some have spent years doing it, and you can learn a lot very quickly. It is also a great environment to practice as well, cos you can likely work there straight after the course. The other tricks/tips for shooting i would imagine you would learn better from a professional course. There will be advantages to both I suppose its like topside deciding if you wanted to do a course learning to make great wedding videos or making great documentaries. If you need any tips for Koh Tao PM me
  6. Wow the $4k 4K one looks super interesting. I was beginning to settle on the PMW 200 as the next camera, but now I'm all confused again!!
  7. Having used the fathom 110 WA lens with my light and motion housing i consider it indispensable now. For the PMW 200 there is the option for the fathom 120 WA lens. For Gates RED housing there is only the option of 80 degree port. Is this not a huge drawback for shooting cinematic shots? Also of course the distance to subject is massively reduced when shooting with WA which means less water particles to interfere with the shot. Are the RED owners here missing a WA lens option?
  8. I just saw an advert for that yesterday and now I just checked flights and it's really cheap from Bali. I would say there is a very good chance I will be able to make that! Perfect
  9. Thanks very much for all the replies! I have been researching the different suggestions that people have posted here. I will look to buy in June. I am leaning towards the PMW 200 and a gates housing. Its seems very similar to an EX1R w/nano flash, so there is also still that to think about. 4K wise the Sony FS700 with external recorder looks interesting and not too pricy, but there doesn't appear to be any decent housings for it. I wonder how the Sony F5/F55 will compare against the RED lineup once the Gates housing is released.
  10. Haha, Have you dived the Gilis!!!? It seems to have such a bad rep and yet the is tonnes of stuff there. Just did a month there, and I either shot or things they get there include: Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus, Blue ringed Octopus, WhaleShark, Mantas, Hammerhead, Mola Mola, Sail Fish, Mandarin fish, Frogfish, Pygmy Seahorse etc. I know it is not the cream of Indo, but I find it really curious that it has such a bad rep as a place to dive. I have been hearing about the Gilis being rubbish for so long and when I finally went there I was blown away compared to what I was expecting. Now I struggle to convince others that it is worthwhile! & Bali is 2 hours away by fast boat anyway!! With the history of the dynamite fishing, and El Nino I think it could be really interesting to try and put a documentary together about the area.... Maybe include Lombok as well which is supposed to be on the up. At the worst I just collect a ton of stock footage.... Thanks to the others for the replies. I know the Epic, F55 etc is a huge investment. I'm actually not that worried about making a penny back on the investment through work, although that would be nice, it would be more following a dream and seeing where I end up. The issue for me is a reasonable resale value within a year or 2, and hopefully some wicked resolution footage collected. What makes me tremble is the crashing prices of cutting edge tech these days.. eg what happened with the RED ONE, and then the EPIC getting halved a while back. Since making the post I see all these other 4k camera being announced, JVC for eg and CheungyDiver showing the link for the super cheap 4k option. It feels like a 4k price war is just getting started, and that also makes me wonder about the PMW 200, whether HD cameras are going to drop in demand and price with 4k breathing down it's neck... Basically, its all cos of a woman New GF who will be living on Gili Air for the next year at least, tied there with 1 year work visa, so I will look to join her to move to the area in the next months. Living there though I would need a project to get my teeth into and taking a step up with the underwater filming, is the only thing I can think of that i would really really enjoy doing. Thanks again to everyone for the tips, really, it's great to get some feedback on this stuff. Does anyone have any experience or an opinion with the PMW 200 as an underwater camera with the gates housing? It looks like that camera, gates housing, w/wide angle lens would put me in for around $20k I really fall in love with the 110 lens I have been using on my L&M Bluefin, so I think that would be a must for me. I dont need to splash out on all this stuff asap, so for sure will be interested to see what this NAB shows up. Thanks for that tip
  11. I have been sitting on a light and motion bluefin sr12 pretty much since it came out and it is getting seriously dated now, when I increasingly watch other underwater videos compared to mine the quality of my footage is beginning to hurt my eyes! It was my first housing, and was happy with the results so I don't have experience with other setups. It could also be that I would be moving to Indonesia, Lombok/Gili area this year and would have a opportunity to do some full time underwater filming. Its a little bit overwhelming when trying to work out the pros and cons of the big boy cameras, and would be great to get some advice from people who are in the industry and have used any of these models already. So far I have mainly filmed for hobby, sold some stock footage, and made a few videos but am seriously considering to take the next step. Basically I don't want to spend a bunch of cash and then feel the hindrance of limited specs I would rather get some advise and spend extra money now rather then need to upgrade again in a couple of years. The biggest decision appears to be whether to go for a top spec broadcast camera like the Sony PMW 200, or a 4k/5k Epic type. I would like to use the camera for collecting footage for a possible documentary, collection of stock footage, and taking on any filming jobs in the area. Most important in the setup is future proofing as much as reasonably possible. I know the camera and housing will be outdated pretty quick, but if it meets the minimum broadcast standard like for eg the PMW 200 then I would imagine the camera would have a very long useful lifespan. RED Epic seems to have the crown as the top setup, but what about the models under this. RED Scarlet or RED One against Sony PMW 200 (or similar) What are the pros and conns? Is the RED ONE a good underwater shooter? I just saw a used RED ONE on Ebay get won for just over £1k From what I can gather doing research online, 4k and above is pretty much redundant for the home TV market. Companies are starting to make TV sets, but I have read that the TV would have to be so huge 85 plus inches or something to notice a difference over HD which is just not practical, but would it still become a broadcast standard in a few years and squash out the HD cameras? Is 4K+ underwater stock footage sort after? Apart from the cheaper price is there any advantage of the PMW 200 over the RED Scarlet specifically regarding underwater filming? I would imagine a great advantage of shooting 4k and above is that you can grab an enlarged HD frame from within your 4k frame. So for Marco you could get really close up HD shots. Is this correct? If anyone here owns a RED EPIC, who is it? I would consider even buying one of these if it really really is worth it... The bit that makes me groan about that setup is the cost of the housing. Has anyone used the PMW 200 yet underwater? Any advise, or anyone that has any answers or opinions to my questions would be greatly received. James
  12. Hi all, Its it's been a big break for me diving and filming under water, but I dragged out the old equipment to make a promo video for a shop I was diving with while in Gili Air. Feedback appreciated, I have never attempted anything this complicated before, with intros or outros, or spent so much time with the editing. Filmed with Sony SR12, Light & Motion Bluefin Housing 110 Degree Fathom Wide Angle Lens. Footage from 26 dives with some contributions from the dive shop manager A BIG shout for the music. I hope that people enjoy the soundtrack. It is an artist that is a friend of mine. For me it makes the world of difference having powerful music rather then some royalty free *cough cough*
  13. [youtubehd]yHcKEl2uitk[/youtubehd] Quickly threw a video together for my friend I was diving with. Nothing special in particular, but some pleasant wide shots
  14. Hey man thanks for watching. The footage is from an AVCHD camera, just watched the youtube video and can see what you mean. I checked the clip i rendered in MP4, and the original and it was much better with the panning shots. I think YouTube, does some weird thing formatting it. Just saw Nick has a Vegas work flow posting to uploading clips for YouTube so gonna check that out. Have not be out filming for so long now, but when I get back to it will work on panning slower. I always found panning shots were always quite hard to get a really steady straight line with a camera that has a lcd screen back plate
  15. Very nice, especially the whales. I like the quick cuts, did a vid like that myself a while back to a Trance track. Sometimes it's good to take a break from the standard sleepy underwater format How many dives was all that footage from? I use Vegas as well and just saw your page about the output work flow. I'm gonna look into that cos YouTube really mangles it. I just render out in 1080i mp4 and the panning shots are a mess. I was always wondering if you intentionally de-contrasted your videos. At the moment I'm kind of torn. Since I switched to the massive L&M 110 degree lens, that floods in so much colour and contrast through the lens, I begun to see that as a bonus getting super contrasted colourful footage, but then.... Your footage looks really nice too! Will give those setting a try & do a comparison. Thanks for posting all that info. James http://www.youtube.com/user/SensationDiveVideos
  16. Ever since I heard this, I have been wanting to try and get close to the beauty of this track with some underwater clips. [youtubehd]AMjMFgm_1G8[/youtubehd]
  17. What makes you think that guy is my friend? I have no idea who that guy is, it's just a video from YouTube that I came across that I thought answered a question you asked.
  18. same as this one no? http://www.youtube.com/user/Scubaman5000#p/u/30/Vb_7iwSVkSo from 0:56
  19. Been taking a break from diving, but just did a Similans trip A few cool shots, but mainly standard Similan stuff! More Trance but no where near as many cool critters as my last Trance video http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...7&hl=trance Indonesia > All! Out of interest..... The last shot with the crab on a blue background. How easy would it be to edit out the guy that drifts in the shot(!) Its pretty much shot on a perfect blue screen
  20. Thx guys! Paul Van Dyk good, aye...... Martin Roth much better!!!!! :clapping: Hey Nick, The frog fish thing was cracking me up while i was filming it..... Had to really work to keep the camera still. There is an extended sequence of that in the Lembeh Straits vid i posted a while back. One was leaning on the other for ages and then just pushed down with his fin.
  21. Ahh! He was telling me about you...... You guys have all the pro toys at your resort Right!? Man i really would love to have his job, or any job in Lembeh for that matter. That place is just mental for critters Is it right you are making a documentary......?
  22. Bastinanos which i would highly highly recommend. With the new You Tube settings you can choose the specific res you want to watch. maybe you can try it at 360p
  23. Thanks Was working at Wakatobi as a guide (No camera) for 3 months & only got to do a few fun dives there with my camera Checked my logbook the total amount of dives with the camera from that trip was: 12 Dives @ Wakatobi 23 Dives in Bali 20 Dives Lembeh Straits 55 Dives All the footage is out of that
  24. So finally got around to it, I also am a Trance DJ and really wanted to make a diving video synced to a great trance track. Been sitting on it for a while as been pinned on Koh Tao Thailand without fast internet and wanted to upload it in Full 1080p It's footage collected from Bali, Wakatobi & Lembeh Straits ENJOY! (I hope!)
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