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  1. Anywhere where its deep would be great , tropical warm a bonus , just wondering why any operators have not kick this off here
  2. Hey all Any operators in Australia do BW diving ?
  3. Hey all Trying to get rear curtin flash on a 5Diii , electric sync cords to YSD2 strobes - any hacks ? Also has anyone sussesfully used a reefnet +10 on a 100mm on the 5D iii Thanks
  4. Hey all I decided to try my hand at UV - bought a torch with uv head - tried it out last night - critters glow great but camera can focus - any tips ??? Many tanks
  5. Thanks all went the 100 mm lens - will look for bargain 125 strobe
  6. hey all the gurus out there I'm in Melbourne Australia = temperate water diving have a single DS161 strobe and have a 18-55mm lens but since my birthday is coming up am trying to get best bang for buck I will be diving mainly here for 350 of the 365 days a year - so am either going to purchase another DS161 ( 2 in total) or get a 105mm and port/s and keep the single strobe pros and cons ???????
  7. Hey all Looking to buy a sea and sea strobe with fibre optic cable - as long as it's working !! I'm in Victoria Australia
  8. Merry Christmas everyone !! I know its states 1 shot , but hey, "its Christmas" anyways these are my Fav from 2010 - one from the Liberty wreck in Bali ( awesome diving, Family ,friends & my 1st trip away with my new Aquatica D300s setup with 10.5mm behind a Zen 100mm port) - the 2nd took bloody forever to get a cardinal-fish to look at the 105mm I was using - cheers
  9. love the shrimp goby mate top shots
  10. Ditto what Bruce says - I purchased the aqua view and its just the duck's guts - very worth the investment
  11. Hi Matt I just got back from Beqa lagoon , I only shot WA (10.5mm & 10-17mm) the macro stuff , well IMHO, yes take the 60mm as well as the 100mm , there are a hell a lot of nemo's sitting next to large soft coral outcrops - they make a great mix - HTH
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