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  1. I love this setup, but I need to simplify. It was used on 3 trips. Underwater Setup: Current Discount Retail (B&H) Aquatica Housing for D200 $ 2,300 Aquatica Viewfinder $ 1,170 2 x Sea & Sea YS-90DX Strobes $ 800 - TTL + 12 manual stops 2 x Sea & Sea TTL Sync Cords $ 220 Dome Port + Extension Ring $ 582 Macro Port $ 390 -------------- Total Retail $ 5,462 My Price $ 4,642 (addt’l 15% discount) Misc. supplies: batteries, charger, cleaning, Will include an excellent Storm case with handle, wheels and moveable dividers ($500 value). Nikon SLR Lenses: Wide Angle Zoom 12-24mm f/4G ED AF-S $ 895 Macro 60mm f/2.8D AF $ 395 ------------- Total Retail $ 1,290
  2. Let me be more accurate the YS90 Auto has 12 f-stop settings. Sea and Sea says these are designed to be set to your f-stop and then. I'm thinking this is designed for the situation where you don't have a TTL Sync setup. It's not clear to me that this would work as a manual setting. I cannot even tell from the S&S picture of the back whether there is a manual setting.
  3. I'm looking for a YS90DX strobe to match one I already have. I thought I'd post here and then go looking on ebay, but I'd rather buy from a "wetpixel" - Beth
  4. What type of YS90 Strobe - will you sell separately?
  5. I have an Aquatica housing for the Nikon CP5000 that I love very much. It is in excellent condition and has a spare o-ring and lubricant set. Includes padded handle / mounting arm. This is still a great set-up for macro period. Also, it's very versatile for other work and a good prosumer option if you don't want to go to SLR yet, but you want all the options to learn with - Or just set the camera on auto and your strobe on TTL and go. $799. (or make an offer) - Beth (in US)
  6. What kind of a YS90 - Duo, Auto, DX? I am looking for a YS90DX - Beth
  7. I'm pretty sure I have TTL functioning with my current setup - CP5000 in A5000 with ttl sync cord. What do you know that I don't know? MY REAL issue is that I WANT to shoot manual sometimes, and am looking for the right strobe setup to do this. Thanks for my education - Beth
  8. I have a YS90DX with 12 levels of output control, and I need a second strobe; they don't make the DX any more. The YS90Auto does not have the same levels of output control. Did I read correctly in a previous post that a slave strobe will match the output level of the primary. - That seems pretty amazing. So, if I set my DX to manual and dialed it down 3 stops, and set the Auto on slave, then the auto would fire 3 stops short of full dump? Really? I might rather have 2 DXs except that it would be nice not to manually have to set 2 dials when I wanted (I will have dual bulk heads and sync cords) - Beth (thinking it will be just a couple of weeks before the D200 AND Aquatica Housing arrives!!)
  9. I have seen the coney switch from red phase to bi-color several times. It is pretty cool. Does anyone know if the significance of this particular shift is known? -Beth
  10. I've heard it here and at the camera store. In a month or so, Canon will announce a replacement for the 20D. The guy at the camera store said 2.5" display. Any other news? - Beth
  11. I did just try a 20D with a 50mm Sigma lens and a D70 with a 50mm nikkor lense and saw no appreciable difference in autofocus speed. I also tried a 105mm in the D70 vs a 105 sigma in the 20D and I think I got a closer focusing distance, hence able to fill frame better with a small object - the top of my house key. Also, the 50 on the nikon seemed to give me a bigger object than the sigma 105, but of course I had to get a lot closer with the 50. Sorry, I guess we are off topic here, but maybe we need a beginers forum for lenses. - Beth
  12. Clearly this cannot be production model. I was assured that it would have a 14" diagonal TFT screen and PhotoShop pre-loaded. - Beth (IT manager by day)
  13. You Guys are the Bomb! Ok so what about a wide angle AF speed? People seem to like the Nikon AF 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF DX AF-S. Sigma has a 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX Aspherical DG HSM Autofocus Lens for Nikon AF. (Sigma is about $250 cheaper.) Would I see a difference with these on a D200 body? And how would this compare to the Sigma 12-24 mounted on a Canon body? Thanks Again, Beth
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