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  1. Hi does anyone out there have a Nikon D800 set up that they are looking to sell?
  2. Hi I have a Subal D700 setup if you are looking px for that, I'm looking to go up to the D800.
  3. Hi mate do you still have this kit? If so I'll give you $1400 for it? Nick
  4. Hi I'm after a Subal Type 3 Fisheye dome port for a trip in Oct..........
  5. Hi I'm after the above if anyone would like to part with these.
  6. Anthony, Is the subsee x10 for the full frame camera? Nick
  7. Hi I'm after a Subsee Diopter and holder for my subal ND700 housing I'm looking for the x10 but will take the x5 also or both if anyone no longer wants theirs....
  8. Here are a few images from around the dive sites of Sydney NSW Australia. SWR2005129 by nicolas.terry, on Flickr Out of the dark by nicolas.terry, on Flickr Cuttlefish B Park by nicolas.terry, on Flickr Birchgrove Park10 by nicolas.terry, on Flickr
  9. Thanks mate it will be well used here, I can't wait to take it on my next trip North to South West Rocks NSW to shoot some images of the Grey Nurse Sharks.
  10. Hi I'm after a D700 housing and dome port,i would consider any housing?
  11. Hi I am after some advise on the above camera housing. I have the housing set up with twin Inon z220 strobes which don't fire. According to the housing it takes Inon z240's. The advise I'm after is , do I need to change my strobes to those on the ROC system on the housing or can I use the Inon z220 strobes but need to change a few settings? Also do I need to change any camera settings to those listed on the users manual. I just need to fire the Inon z220 strobes, everything else works. Nick
  12. Hi I know this might be a longshot but i am after a bit of advice, I have aTitan D200 housing with Inon Z220 strobes. I am having issues with the camera talking to the strobes, the ROC system on the housing works but only shows Inon z240 strobes in its drop down list of strobes. Everything else works on the camera but the strobes don't fire...... Here are my questions if anyone can help? 1. Do I need to change my strobes to those listed on the housing.2. Does the D200 need to be set up any different from that listed on the Titan users manual? Any answers would be much appreciated. Nick
  13. Hi Ken is this setup still for sale, would you ship to Sydney Australia? Nick
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