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  1. Hello All! First off, let me write a disclaimer here... I hope I am posting in the correct section! Im very new at this and Im not exactly sure how this works. Im looking to buy a used Canon 5D housing with one light. My budget is 1000. I feel like this shouldn't be too hard to find because a lot of Canon users will probably be upgrading to the Mark II at this point and might be trying to get rid of their older 5D housing. Anyways. The upcoming trips I have that will include diving are Indonesia, South Africa and Greece so if anyone has suggestions on where to dive, that would be awesome! Thanks! ___________ Kristina Sherk Kristina@Kristinasherk.com]Kristina@Kristinasherk.com DC Corporate Headshots
  2. Hi all! This is my first post on WetPixel! I'm so excited to be joining suce a wonderful group of people! I am going to South Africa in December for three weeks and I wanted to do some underwater macro photography. Ill be in the Eastern Cape in Saint Francis Bay and Port Elizabeth. I don't think I am ready for shark diving right now, but I would like to do some under water photography down there. On another note, how important is recycled air breathing? I just got my open water certification and I dont know how to breath recycled air. _________________ Kristina Sherk Kristina@Kristinasherk.com]Kristina@Kristinasherk.com DC Corporate Headshot Photographer
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