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  1. having owned and shot the wacp-1 and shot the wwl-1 for several months, if a lens could use both options, I'd not even consider the wacp-1 considering both size and price. I personally haven't seen anything compelling about the wacp over the wwl in terms of image quality, looking at images of mine side by side from both, good luck finding a difference. Perhaps wide open there is an advantage for the WACP but realistically, how often are the majority of us shooting wide angle at apertures that wide? This is not to dump on the WACP, it is a phenomenal optic, but is it worth 4 times the price of the wwl...well...
  2. *tom beat me to it but: if you have it set to giving you a feed in both VF and LCD, inside the housing, the camera is going to register the viewfinder as being your eye pressed up close to the VF so it will switch to that automatically. With mirrorless, in the housing you either have to choose VF only or LCD only. those cameras also come with the viewfinder automatically set to show 'live feed'. the what you see is what you get. THat is useful on land but not underwater so turn off live previews wherever that is in the menu
  3. Hurts my heart but have to put up my pair of original retra flashes and retra snoot. strobes show signs of use but work perfectly and have performed flawlessly for as long as I’ve had them. Will also include standard wide angle diffusers $1500 for everything. Outside US buyer covers shipping matt
  4. Hi all. with a really heavy heart that I put my macro to wide up for sale but unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes. $800 shipped (in US). Outside US buyer pays shipping. Hood shows signs of west but our element was just replaced by kraken and is like new. thanks! matt
  5. Hey all. I have a brand new, unused, only opened to take a picture of the strobe, Sea&Sea YS-D3 for sale. I can send more pics upon request. PM me or email me directly @ matthew@9milesnorth.com $800 shipped contiguous US. $800+ shipping outside US Thanks!
  6. Hi all. Looking for the port in the title if anyone has one and is looking to offload it. Thank you. Matt
  7. I have one and shoot it with the nikon 60mm on full frame. For best results, I'd say f10-f14 on full frame is generally where I shoot it at. I quite enjoy it. It'll focus right onto the lens and I find because it sticks out a bit from the housing because its attached to the front of a macro port it makes it easy to light subjects right on the front element. A few examples below. Please don't judge IQ from these, they're downsized and there is a lot of compression
  8. Hello
    is your zen dome still available? can you tell me the shipping costs for France. Postal code: 66750 Saint Cyprien



  9. Hi all. Looking for a good condition 13mm RS fisheye (preferably already converted for digital use). Thanks! Matt
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