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  1. Hi, so the 13mm is NOT yet converted for digital use?
  2. Red Irish Lord perfectly perched on a sponge. At God's Pocket Nikon D500, Nauticam Housing, Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye, 2x Retra Flashes, ISO 100, f11, 1/125
  3. Adam, you're the only other person I've heard besides me, prefer the d500 over the 850 for underwater use. D4/4s is still my preferred camera to shoot underwater, not having shot a D5, but after that, d500 all day. I don't think the 850 has a significant advantage underwater in terms of IQ (IMHO) and the d500 edges it out everywhere else I think. The RS13 is fantastic on any of the Nikon bodies, significantly sharper than anything else I've used for WA (exception being the WACP which matches it)
  4. the Sigma 150 is another option and again, just a specific extension ring will allow it to work
  5. if you're referring to the CMC-1 vs CMC-2, the CMC-1 provides stronger magnification. In terms of optical quality, theyre identical
  6. Hi Matt,

    I heard at Bluewater you moved back east. How are things?



  7. small article on Nauticam's site with sony and the wacp. https://www.nauticam.com/blogs/news/wacp-on-sony Pretty much all the zoom lenses used with the wacp are 'slow' (sony 28-70, canon 28-70, Nikon 28-70, etc) and are old. But underwater, behind that piece of glass they perform exceptionally. I believe I checked into the tamron 28-75 a while ago and the physical dimensions of the lens would require pretty significant extensions if I recall correctly. I'm sure if they haven't tested it already, they will at some point.
  8. well you can use the wacp on the d500 and would still produce stellar results. I love the d500 (and that's after shooting the 850 a LOT) and I opted to house the d500. I have no qualms about the d500 IQ and if you pair it with great glass youre going to get great results. Use it with the 18-55 and you have pretty much the exact same versatility as the 28-70 would be on the 850. And both those lenses are incredibly cheap so im not sure the wacp should be the deciding factor between the d500 and 850 i'm not sure any of what I just said helped...
  9. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way. I bought this housing a few months ago and unfortunately had to cancel several trips since then and now have a few more important things to pay for. So lucky for anyone who's looking for a new housing! I've never used it, merely set it up a few times, installed the vacuum and the carry lanyard etc. Housing comes with the vacuum (no pump, I still need that for an older housing), the mounting ball/lanyard set, and the standard nauticam carry case. Price is $2550 including shipping to the contiguous US. Outside of US is fine but shipping will cost extra depending on where it is going. Please let me know if you have any questions. Matt
  10. in terms of versatility and IQ, it really is hard to beat the WACP. and it isn't just the fact that its better in the corners when shot more open, the entire image is ridiculously sharp, itll give you a better overall quality picture than just better corners. It also is really easy to dive with and isn't as unwieldy/unweildy (spelling?) in the water as it seems on land. Much easier to dive with than the big dome/extension/etc imo
  11. @Walt, Andrej Belic can do the conversions and builds the native adapters for Nauticam housings. I suspect, as Tom said, mounting it the way youre considering would change the relationship of the lens elements to the water contact elements and likely impact image quality in some way. The way Andrej does it, the lens remains as one part. There is an adapter that seals the housing and then the lens seals against the adapter while mounting directly to the camera. I use it this way and have never had an issue.
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