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  1. I all, i've been diving with my old morris strobe and the 20mm and i think i may need a second light. I've found on ebay a cheap SB105 and now i need a cable to connect both the strobes to the nikonos. I can't put the SB105 as slave since it's slave mode is not TTL. Since the Morris has it's own conncetor different from the SB105 i need a Y cable with the sockets, but i didn't found any of them that allow TTL of the 2 Strobes. I've found this 2 http://www.housingcamera.com/ProductDetail...storysingle=YES http://www.isotecnic-commerce.it/viewImg.p...;id_prodotto=81 But both looks like are non TTL. Thanks, Best Regards.
  2. Hi all, sorry to post this litte off topi not photography related. I'm goin' to buy a graduated mask, i'm a little shotfocussed and outside the water i have -1.75 and -1.25 (very little astigmatism that i can think about not correcting) i've been told that i have to decrease the correction of 25% while on my beliving air whater interface is a positive lense so i was thinking about increasing the correction. Anybody that can clarify this point ? P.S. I can't use contact lenses.
  3. If you manage to see it please poste some shots
  4. It's quite intersting indeed, i'm quite curious ! I hope it's not wapour-hard-ware ! http://www.piratepro.com/faq.htm
  5. I finally got the strobe from ebay. It's an old Morris III TTL and it looks nice. I did a small tries without film with the unit in TTL mode, Nikonos in auto and then i did a shot with the camera cap on and a shot pointing at a bright light. What i can see is theat form my feeling the strobe output more or less the same light...is that bad or i'm just not able to evalute te duration and intensity of the strobe? Any idea to see if the strobe works fine without wasting a film ???? Like using a digital camera ?
  6. I looks in perfect working order, i'll check the capacitors in case i can change them i should not be big deal with some soldering skills.
  7. At the end i've found a Morris TTL unit for the Nikons, it looks ok, 100€ with spare or , 15mm diffuser and arm. Anybody ever work with this unit ?
  8. Romania is now part of the EEC an therfore the Copyright of the media shoud be protected by their law. But romania is also a new country and quite messed up, i think that the best would be to star with a romania lawyer and ask for the right payment or the removal of the pictures.
  9. I'm using the good old nikonos Easier of a rangefinder ????? Possible ?? I'll have a look to the boo anyway.
  10. Well after my first 2 rolls apart the color temperature and exposition issues i've also had a lot of focus problems, since i'm a novice scuba diver i'm not yet used to evaluate the distance underwater. I was planning to build a ragefinde with 2 laserbeams i have but then i found the HawkEye® Handheld Sonar System PX, it's watrproof up to 60m, from 0.8m to 60m range and 20° angle and also quite cheap, about 100$. Anybody has used it to focus uw ?
  11. I did the third roll, but the idea of bracket with the iso it's good, i'll do it for sure. Do i need to do it even with the use of flash ?
  12. I did in my last dives hte first rolls of film with the V. I was about 18m at elba island, i was using an 800 an a 400 film and i have to say that most of the pictures looks underexpposed about 1/3 stop more or less...i should warry about the meter or it's just me ???
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