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  1. Sorry to be a pain again... I have a new problem. I forgot to mention I live in the UK, so would be ordering everything from the US and getting it shipped over..... The total cost of getting the Ikelite setup over to me would be about £856. Now the problem is, I can get the Fisheye, with a YS110a strobe, ULCS tray and arms and a fiber optic cable shipped over for £285 more. Given the improved strobe, and case, would I be better of buying the FIX case anyway? I assume the YS110a allows TTL through the fibre optic cable? I knew i'd end up getting pushed to wards the top end of the scale . If someone can give me some thoughts or opinions on this hopefully i'll be on my way!
  2. Thanks for the advice people. I'm now thinking of going for the Ikelite, plus DS51 with ball arm. Would i be better off getting the TTL sync cord, or does the cord with EV controller also allow TTL as well as manual controls? Thanks for any info, I'm almost there I can feel the waters of Aruba calling me
  3. Thanks lrossel. After more research I'm leaning towards the Ikelite case for its additional depth rating and generally better functionality... Now all I need is to decide on the Strobe... I was hoping to limit my expenditure on the strobe to around $500. although looking around I'm not sure which is best for my purposes in a single strobe set-up. I am hoping to be taking pictures ranging from macro up to a few meters. I was hoping to use TTL as it saves me (with my limited knowledge) having to adjust flash timings to get things working correctly. If this cheap solution with optical slave using a standard optical fibre cable doesn't require too much skill then I would happily look into this to save costs, but I assumed the TTL option would enable things to work first time every time ? Please correct me if i'm wrong! Having looked at the Ikelite DS Strobes, it seems that they generally get poor reviews compared with the alternatives. As a result I'll probably need that adapter to get TTL with an alternative strobe. If I'm looking for a good all-round strobe that will work well on its own for both macro shots and pictures up to a few meters, which would you recommend? Would a single DS-51 be useful at distances over a meter? Thanks again!
  4. I've been reading through a number of forums/review sites/shops/etc to determine which underwater case to get for my shiny new G10 and have not really been able to narrow down my decision so was hoping for some personal advice. I used to use a very bog standard Digital Ixus 800IS with the canon WP-DC5, but without an external flash it was only ever used for surface snorkelling photos and did a pretty poor job on anything over 10m deep. I'm now looking for something that will do justice to ~20-40m scuba dives but that isn't too costly (I'm looking at you FIX )... I'm a beginner to the world of underwater photography, so have no experience of setting up a strobe to work through an optic cable, and was planning on going with the Ikelite for its TTL capabilities. I'm also considering the WP-DC28 because it (like the Ikelite) allows full photos to be taken underwater without vignetting and without the need for additional (read: costly) lenses. Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to set up the WP-DC28 with an optic activated strobe (as I understand the WP-DC28 does not do TTL) or whether it is worth me paying the extra to get the Ikelite and use their DS strobes through TTL. Also, if the Ikelite strobes are fairly poor, and I would need to buy a Sea&Sea or Inon strobe to get worthy photos, would I be right in thinking those strobes won't do TTL through the Ikelite housing? I'm sure I'll have more questions after any replies, so any help is greatly appreciated, and anyone that sticks with me till I'm sorted would be a lifesaver. Thanks in advance!!
  5. SOrry to revive an oldish thread... NeptunesTrident, where did your mate get the seatool case from? I've not seen anywhere that supplies it?
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