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  1. i have a napoleon wrasse image taken a few years back on way to blue corner wall in palau --image had little or no adjustments--it is an abstract face shot mostly of mouth, jaw, eye, and hump-so lacks rest of body for possible variable colorations--he was right in my face- all in all very blue with green markings- i don't see quite how to post it here to compare- so, my question is: are all nap wrasses of similar tones? my guy is very different from your image --yours has much more green and is darker--i would really like your edit 2 if it was brightened-i remember this fish as very energetic and bright --yours has a different feel, rather large, slow perhaps, and subdued -it is a lovely image-majestic animal my post does not relate to how to tweak in lightroom but rather when tweaking one must remember the true colors and that's something i oft question myself about--how is it possible to recall exactness following the dive/shot unless same species are all documented to have the same color values? when it gets to be contest time or to print for a friend or a gallery shouldn't the colors reflect the animal in best exposed circumstances? how do we know when we are giving the best representation? this is a topic that film with proper lighting gave me a definite--i felt more sure that i wasn't enhancing an image-i struggle with software adjustments i will follow comments directed to your inquiry 2 hr later EDIT: pls edit my entry as i just noticed my monitor was turned all the way down-oops-one of my cat's fav thing to do-step on strategic keys--edit 2 is still my choice and much brighter and closer in tone to my nap wrasse face now!
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