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  1. Hi there, of anyone of you have used the sigma 17-70 in a S&S housing, I need some advice about the zoom gear number and the dome and the extension ring, thank very much for your help... Humberto
  2. Hi Mike, thank you for your answer Is it possible to use 24-105 mm F4L lens with this S&S housing? thak you again.
  3. Hello, Have anyone of you tried a Canon 5D Mark II in the new Sea & Sea Housing? Thank You, Humberto.
  4. Hi everyone, I use a Sea & Sea NX-100 housing, wich I never disassemble in a one week trip, unless I notice a piece o dirt in any o-rings. The Sea & Sea blue o-rings seem to be undistructable, I have more than six years using the original o-rings, and they don't seem to get any flatter at all. Humberto.
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