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  1. Hi, I certainly hope its a good dive destination! We just booked 10 days in early November. I had been reading this post..... http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=41844 and decided to check out the Liberty dive Resort. Wayen the manager was very helpful and we got a very good deal. It gets excellent reviews on tripadvisor both for the diving and accommodation. Cheers, Andy.
  2. Hi Clinton, I really like the egg yolk jelly in the kelp.
  3. Very interesting, thanks for the link. It would have been a "big hit" on the Wetpixel DIY projects, back then.
  4. Hi all, I got this link emailed to me. It worth a look if you haven't seen it already. Andy.
  5. Very Very impressive images Amir. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I really enjoyed your movie. It shows everything that is wonderful about the red sea. Thanks for sharing. Andy.
  7. Hey, maybe it wasn't your focus light at all? It may have been Bill and Laura's wet suits????? http://www.onewolf.org/Album/2011Bonaire/s...s/IMG_4047.html ( Nice shots though.) Andy.
  8. I now have the software and the book, on my Mac and the iphone!. Very easy and painless. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know if this book is available as an ebook? I was thinking it would be great to have on the laptop as a point of reference and ideas, while away on trips. It would save dragging the 500 page beast along! Cheers, Andy.
  10. Thanks for link to this resort! We were looking for ideas for a trip this November. But had a fairly tight budget, with other things planned, so we didn't expect to get much further than the Red Sea. We got an amazing deal from the people at Liberty Dive resort. So flights are booked and we'll be there for 10 days in November. Anybody been there in November? I understand its the rainy season? If so did it have much affect on the diving etc. Cheers, Andy.
  11. Really cool collection. Its hard to pick a favourite, there all excellent. Thanks for posting them.
  12. Great shots Alex. Never heard of "Etang de Thau" but it looks really productive and its relatively close for us. Am I right "Etang" means lake? Is it saltwater? Andy.
  13. Very nice. Clown fish with Tongue biter and Boxer Crab with eggs are my favourites.
  14. Nice Adam. Think I'll be checking out some of your summertime tomorrow.
  15. Yeah! I suppose that would have improved it to a degree, but it just looks flat and two dimensional. By the way don't you mean "snoot up"
  16. Nice shots Adam. Like the Frogfish. Despite countless trips to the Red sea, I haven't managed to spot one. Back out there in July, might get lucky.
  17. AndyC


    Great shots and ditto what Gina said!
  18. Hi Adam, To be honest. I hadn't thought about it. I have used it with and without the diffuser and apart from the 0.5 reduction in power I haven't noticed much difference if any. Though its obvious from Alex post that there is. Thanks again, will give you a call re diving. Andy.
  19. Thanks Duncan, No more down and dirty than the manufacturers solution and would probably work better.
  20. Thought i'd show a couple pics. hopefully show my problem and what I want to achieve. I'taken off the velcro leaving just bare metal rim thats exactly the same diameter as the strobe. as can be seen in the second picture. I want some way to achieve a firm secure joint.
  21. Sorry just noticed it does detach at the front. As you've shown it in the picture. lol
  22. Looks like a nice fibre optic rig you have there. Not sure how I could modify that for the snoot I have. Also not sure I'd want to given how nice it looks. Is it a modular system? it looks like the front of the fibre optic rig detaches from the front of the mount? I suppose you could then attach different diameter snoot fittings. It seems to fit to the strobe really nice. Is the fibre optic rig commercially available? Thanks, Andy
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