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  1. Will you ship to Malaysia? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Where are you based? I have a used Sea and Sea a110 strobe which I want to sell. I am upgrading to new YS D2s. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. There is a 3rd option. The WWL 1 by Nauticam. A bit more expensive and heavy but the best glass out there. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. I just got back from Manado where I got my 500D wet for the first time. I use twin YS110a strobes and I can tell you that in manual mode, the flash only fired in Manual 2 and not in Manual 1. It also worked in slave -TTL mode but for some reason I kept getting the pictures overexposed. So much so for the first day I had the EV at -1.5 to stop it from blowing out. By the second day, I decided to go manual.
  5. Nice. Thanks for that, but I am not paying over USD 3K for a housing. I guess I should have said, reasonably priced housing.
  6. Yup, I love the Panasonic GH1, but there are no commercially produced housings yet. Also keep in mind that the technology is still evolving and what we are seeing is probably the first of quite a few evolutions which will come around quite quickly. This would mean that the cameras you buy today may well be out of date by two years time.
  7. Your comment on the size is quite right, but if you were to add the wide angle lens and dome to the Ikelite housing for the G9, its big and pretty heavy too. Ultimately I think most people are frightened off the DSLR route because you then set yourself down that slippery slope of "needing" new lenses and then needing new ports and extensions for those new lenses. Someone said on another forum, that the hardest part is actually making the decision. Well, I've done it. I sold the Ike and G9 for the equivalent of USD 720.00. The way I figured it, at the moment, there is still a demand for this set up, even pre-owned. In another year, I do not believe anyone would want it and technology moves on. I think the G11 is going to blow the G10 and G9 well out of the water. The S90, with housing, even more so. It was the right time to sell, I think. I have ordered the Epoque housing with the M100 port which will take the kit 18-55 lens, 60mm Macro lens and the 100mm macro lens and the Canon EOS 500D with kit lens and the 60mm macro lens. I will get used to this set up first before investing in the Dome port, zoom and focus gear and the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye lens. Those bits are going to blow another hole in the wallet. I will probably have to wait another year or two before making that move. . I now cannot wait to play with the camera topside before taking it underwater probably in November or December.
  8. Some may be but not my G9 in the Ike housing. Like it or not, I have to use it like a DSLR in the sense that I cannot really use the macro lenses and the wide angle lenses in one dive, due to the fact that I have to change the standard port to a flat port in order to use the wide angle lens and dome. If you then tried zooming in, the lens would crash into the port and a "Lens error" message would come up. The G9 with double stack macro lenses work brilliantly, but you would be limited to small fish portrait shots after taking off the macro lenses, as the fov underwater is not great. That is quite apart from the fact the other stuff that would start to bother you after a while...shutter lag (after a while you get tired of taking pictures of the tails of fishes), digital noise when shooting anything above ISO200 and the limited aperture (F8).
  9. I am wrestling with precisely the same question right now. I have the G9 with Ike housing and a couple of twin YS110a strobes. I think I am about to either make your day or plunge you into this maelstorm of contradicting emotions I am going through right now. Like you, I was put off by the idea of the price of the housings. A Nexus or Subal housing with ports would set you back at least USD 4-5K, let alone the camera and the various lenses. Then I saw the newish Canon EOS500D and the new Epoque Housing plus the flat port which will take the 100mm macro lens and the kit 18-55 lens which would, including the additional lens, zoom gear, caps etc, cost me about RM 10,000.00 or about USD 2,700.00 all in. It has HD video and a pretty usable live view. I went in and had a look and it was only marginally bigger than my Ike housing. It takes both fibre optic and sync cords and works well with the DSTTL in the YS110as. I have the ULCS arms for my Ike kit and that can be used well enough with the new housing. I have the HPRC Cabin sized Hardcase and if I were to take out the foam and just wrap the stuff with Tshirts etc, it will all fit in. I will invest in a fisheye lens and the dome in a year or so. I am now seriously considering selling my current set up and moving on up . I am still conflicted though because I dive about three to four times a year only. So I have decided that I am going to leave it to fate. I have set a price and a time frame for my existing set up. If I get the price within the time frame, its is my fate to move on up. God decides...or at least that's what I am telling my wife .
  10. Thanks again Jack. On the issue of the Fantasea LED 360, I will keep my fingers crossed. I have a good relationship with the store I bought it from (heaven knows I give them enough business) and should be able to sort out any warranty issues.
  11. Dude, no disrespect intended, but you know, Jack Connick's and Optical's credentials are obvious, whereas I did'nt know yours. Wow, 25years? Thanks though. That's two views that give me some inkling of what to do. Thanks, I will be enjoying the trip. Its been three months since I last inhaled compressed air and I am missing it already. I will post some of the pics when I get back (if they don't embarrass me)
  12. Thanks for that reply, Jack. Given your extensive experience in this area, I am heartened to know that I can proceed to use the strobe whilst using TTL metering.
  13. Thanks Jeremy for taking the time to reply. Usually metering is done with the focus light on and if so, with the focus light on, won't the camera think there is more light than there actually is and thus shut off the flash that much quicker? You are absolutely right that the focus light will shut down for two seconds when the strobe goes off. But won't the metering be affected before the flash? Thanks
  14. Hi all. I am new to this forum although I have taken great pleasure in acquiring a lot of knowledge from reading the various threads here. First, let me set out my rig. I use the Canon G9 in the Ike housing, twin YS110a and I have been happy with the results of the DS TTL features when shooting macro. I have just recently added a Fantasea 360 LED focus light but have yet to get that wet. I wish to draw on the experience of those of you out there who use focus lights and TTL. Assuming that the focus light is on, would the camera be able to accurately set out the TTL parameters. I would imagine that the TTL would be compromised as the camera would actually beleive that there is more light than there actually is and as such all the photos would be underexposed. Am I right? If so the focus light can only be used in manual mode? I am embarking on a dive trip in early August and I rather not find out the hard way. I would be grateful if anyone out there who has had this experience can drop me a reply. Many thanks.
  15. I am just wondering if you need to use the flat port with the Ike housing to use the Dyron wide angle lens. Obviously it impacts in the sense that if you do not need to use the flat port, you still have the option of using the macro lens in the same dive.
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