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  1. jpeg and the file size is now 485KB. Original size (saving as medium) was 2.7MB. It may be my dsl tonight. I just did a speed test and the upload speed is very low.
  2. All OK - I have tried 3 times now to post an entry to the Weekly Photo Contest. Yesterday I was successful in posting a photo, but I got the big "?" and I assumed that my photo was too large. So tonight I saved the photo to a smaller size. I have tried twice to upload, it spins for awhile, then the screen goes blank. I go to the contest home page and my photo is not there. Any suggestions? Also, the contest rules tell me I must have the bottom 4 boxes of my profile "for contests" completed. I cannot find these boxes on my profile. Please don't think I am a total OE. I have posted photos before, but for some reason I am just having issues tonight. Thanks in advance.
  3. Damien - nice photos. Great to know about the name Alcyone. After diving Alcyone and declaring it in my dive log as "my best dive ever", I started my own company and named it Alcyone.
  4. I have to say I have a few issues with NE although my dive experiences have been great. 1) it is an older boat and there is definitely something wrong with the plumbing system. It is down right nauseating to flush the heads. This occured on both trips. 2) the first trip we had a guest chef and the food was EXCELLENT. the second trip we had the normal chef and it wasn't so good. After I told them I couldn't eat beef, beef was continually served so I ate a lot of rolls that week. Towards the end of the trip the chef acted like this was the first he had heard that I didn't eat beef.
  5. Excellent report. We have been wanting to do that trip for a while. Thanks for all of the details.
  6. The Sea&Sea housing for the 5DMKII is very nice and compact. It is smaller than the ikelite housing for my previous G9. I don't think you will be disappointed with the 5DMKII. I haven't been actively marketing my old setup but have had some nibbles. Like the other person said, I don't think you will have a hard time selling your old rig.
  7. I was a little nervous the first time as well - Cocos. One of the skiff drivers made me a macrame handle for the housing (Sea&Sea). I use a lanyard attached to my wrist and the handle. The lanyard is the type that can be snapped to be closer to your wrist or can be unsnapped to allow you more maneuverability. I use the lanyard because if you lose the rig (i.e. drop it and it falls to the bottom of the ocean) you don't have an insurance claim. My lanyard came off on my last trip because I was not using strobes and I was freaked out every time I got in the water. The only time I really noticed that it was creating a little drag was when half the group decided they wanted to swim fast after nothing. I simply could not keep up with that. But no issues at all in currents etc.
  8. I was there this year with Matt215 when we had some bad surface current days. On two occasions I took my camera and was glad I did because once you got down 5 feet it was fine - you just need to be able to get down quickly. On another occasion I wished I had not taken it. This was at Alcyone and there was a ripping surface current, also our last dive of the trip after a week of 3 dives a day then a 4th dive every day wrangling turtles. (this was the PRETOMA shark and turtle tagging trip) So, I was pretty exhausted at this point. The line under the boat to the anchor line had broken and I failed to understand the protocol for getting to the anchor line. Passed the camera up and still couldn't get down. So, I drifted off while everyone else got in, inflated my sausage so they could find me, and waited. They then dropped me up current from the anchor line and it was a breeze, but no camera. I think if I had done that on the first attempt I would have been fine. You just need to feel comfortable. And if you have any questions just ask one of the DMs. All that being said, I believe my November trip to Cocos had some of the worst currents of any other time. I had my mask blown off at Punta Maria so I am always still a little bit leery when we go there.
  9. Donna I bought the Sea&Sea housing, mainly because I could still get TTL with my 160 and 125 Ikelite strobes. That was a big deal for me since I had previously not liked the slave strobe setup. I will be taking it to Cocos with me next week so I can't comment on it's useability underwater. Right now all of the functions appear to be available and in the same general places as the actual camera. I can tell you that if you are looking for something compact and well built this would be the housing for you. My ikelite housing for my G9 is LARGER than the Sea&Sea for the MKII, with the MKII being a much larger camera than the little G9. I think the housing is right around $3500. I did a lot of research on this board and elsewhere before making my final decision. Hope this helps. Nonie
  10. Thanks so much for posting your report and photos. My husband and I will be going to Tonga the first week of October so hopefully the humpbacks will still be there. We have been planning this trip since Jan 08! Fabulous photos!
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