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    Ikelite Housing for Canon 5D
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  1. Yes. Sorry for the delay. Let me know if you are still interested. I haven't been getting notified by this site when their are inquiries. You can contact me through my website marrerostudio.com or email at mike@marrerostudio.com or through the forum, I will be checking more often now. Thanks, Mike Marrero mike@marrerostudio.com
  2. I own a 5D with an Ikelite Housing and 8in Dome Port. I purchasing a 5D Mark II does anyone know if the housing is compatible. I am sure their are minor differences but does anyone know how much? Thanks.
  3. I am a professional photographer based out of Key West, Florida and am about to change systems. Canon to Nikon. Bought this housing for specific job and hardly used since. Ikelite 6871.05 eTTL Underwater Housing for Canon 5D, Ikelite 8" Dome Port with shade and cover, Ikelite 8" Port Body - Hardly used in excellent condition. Total Value - $1750 ASKING - $1350.00 Also available hardly used in excellent condition Ikelite Substrobe DS 125, (2) Batteries for DS-125, DS-125 Battery Charger, Syns Cable, Deluxe Ball Socket Arm System. Total Value - $1350 ASKING - $1150.00 Also available used Canon 5D w/ vertical battery grip, manual, (2) batteries, battery charger and strap Total Value $1500 ASKING - $1250 Also available Canon used 17mm-40mm f/4 without plastic trim rim ASKING $450 You can view my work at marreostudio.com and you can contact me at mike@marrerostudio.com
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