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  1. They are some beautiful shots there, #4 does it for me. Well done.
  2. I grew up around farms in Queensland, The pics make me wonder why Im living in the city now. But hey money is money and you have to go where the work is. And Id say 303 also.
  3. Good old Aussie ingenuity. Love it!!!
  4. I have had this discussion with friends many times before. However each time we have come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with it at all. Many significant artifacts that Odyssey have found have ended up in museums and the hand of governments anyhow. If they manage to make a buck along the way, well good for them. In reality I see it better that someone gets their hands on the goods then something being left at the bottom of the ocean forever, not to mention that many vessels that they have identified over the years have also given full closure to the families of lost ones that never made it home.
  5. Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Love living around Brisbane, and you are right about alot of great spots for a quick dive. Its quite handy to just load up the car, pick north or south and drive an hour to some really great spots. I grew up in Bundaberg, so was always in the water, as much as I like going out on boats its nice and easy to go to any number of spots within an hours drive and walk straight in off the shore. Once again, Thanks
  6. Hi all. My name is Dale, Im from Brisbane Australia. I have been diving for around 10 years and have finally decided to get a bit more serious about underwater photography. Recently bought a Canon Ixus 980Is and an Ikelite housing. Wanted to get a housing for my 450D but decided the smaller camera is easier for travelling. Topside I have always been keen on photography and have done several workshops with the 450D, love diving, love photography and here I am in a great place surrounded by many experienced people. Thanks for having me.
  7. I would always suggest you buy the best you can afford. As you progress with the 450D you will be wanting to use the White balance functions, So yes it may save you some money now, but as you go along you will be regretting not just spending the money in the first place. And then you have the issue of reselling a housing that the next person will be asking the same question. Keep saving and go for the newer one.
  8. As above , all the advice is great. At the end of the day practice, practice and more practice will get you there. The advent of digital makes it affordable to keep shooting and if you get 1 in a thousand it hasnt cost you hundreds of dollars for film and processing. And soon you will keep getting more and more keepers until it all comes naturally. The one thing I have learnt is the more you overthink something the more likely you are to miss it. When I first got my DSLR I would walk around the yard taking photos of anything that moved or didnt move and trying things on different settings just to understand how everything worked. A little different to underwater, however the better you know your camera the easier it is.
  9. Hi, Im Dale from Brisbane, Australia. I have been diving for around 10 years and always been interested in photography and finally decided to jump in. Recently purchased a Canon Ixus 980IS and an Ikelite housing. Havent had it out much yet, but from first impressions is a great little set up for the money spent. Just need to add a strobe an will be all good. The only thing I have found difficult is having large hands and getting used to button positioning, I use a Canon 450D on land, Just need more practice. Thanks
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