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  1. The acrylic dome is in perfect condition. The aluminum body has some very minor cosmetic blemishes. Comes with all original packaging, protective dome cover and extra gasket. I used this port with my Sony NEX-5R camera with the Sony SEL16F28 lens and the Sony VCL-ECF1 Fisheye lens. I'm selling because I upgraded to a larger dome port to accommodate a larger lens. Price including domestic shipping is $400.
  2. Camera and housing together $500 plus shipping. The housing and the camera have minor cosmetic scuffs around some corners and edges but everything works perfectly. The lenses are in perfect condition. I placed a plastic protective covering on the LCD display of the camera which can be seen in the pictures. I did this before using the camera so if you wanted to remove the protective covering you would see the LCD display is as good as new. I also purchased a different lens cover that I will include with the camera. One of the critiques of the LX5 is that it comes with a removable lens cover that you have to take off every time which can be a pain. The lens cover I bought stays on and automatically opens up when you turn the camera on, pretty slick. Although not applicable when using the underwater housing. Please email me at pdabill@yahoo.com if interested. thanks.
  3. I was excited to find this thread as I am a new owner of the NEX-5n and had sticker shock with the prices of the underwater housings for this camera. I ordered the 16mm version of the housing and paid a little extra for expedited shipping. Total cost for the housing and shipping was $108. It took 8 days from when I placed the order to when I received it in south Florida. I am impressed with the housing. As mentioned, it is a little difficult to open and close the housing. And the control wheel is a little difficult to use. But these issues are not that big of a deal to me. The small size and light weight of the housing are great. I took it out freediving to a max depth of about 20' and took these photos. Looking forward to using this setup again soon.
  4. Took my GoPro on a fishing trip to Quepos, Costa Rica last month. Amazing what that little camera can do! Swam with a bunch of pacific sailfish, yellowfin tuna and dolphins. https://vimeo.com/37973419
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    For Sale

    I just got a Sony Nex5n and understand there is a conversion kit for the nauticam housing that would allow my camera to work with it. Are you willing to split up the package? I am interested in the housing and dome port for the wide angle lens.
  6. Here are some pictures: The camera is still available but I am not selling it separately. I am selling the housing for $500 or the camera and housing together for $775.
  7. It sounds like the lx5 is no longer available. I will let you know if that changes. The underwater housing is still available.
  8. Purchased last year for $730 from Optical Ocean Sales. Excellent housing in mint condition. I'm asking $500 plus shipping. I am in south Florida. I also have the camera too (LX5). Selling that for $275. This is a fantastic setup that takes amazing pictures and video.
  9. This is for the Canon HF20/HF200 camcorders. Lightly used, gaskets/seal in perfect condition. Retail ~$450. Will sell for $225. Please send an email to pdabill@yahoo.com.
  10. I am looking for an entry level external strobe to use with my compact digital camera (a panasonic lumix FX37 with matching underwater housing). Does anyone have one they want to sell?
  11. Please let me know if you have one for sale. I want one for my Canon HF200 and WP-V1 underwater housing.
  12. thanks! just downloaded the image you made and it looks much better. Appreciate the ideas.
  13. Thanks for the idea loftus. Also, can anyone recommend a free mac application to add special effects to photos? Looking for more effects than what iPhoto offers.
  14. Guys, Thank you very much for the responses. Would love to hear other ideas/opinions if anyone else has something to share. A couple months ago I did research the legality of "shark feeding" and it is my interpretation that it is ok for recreational fishermen, however not for charter boats. I found some documentation that states: "A state wildlife commission moved Thursday to ban the feeding of sharks and other marine life on excursions catering to scuba divers and snorkelers amid concerns the practice could endanger humans." http://edition.cnn.com/2001/US/09/06/shark...ding/index.html I have been using my camera mounted to a pole and it has worked pretty well. Just been wanting to take it to the next level!! But perhaps I will just continue using it Here are some still shots from a video I took (using pole cam) of a silky shark we caught in the florida keys this summer: -Paul
  15. I have a panasonic Lumix fx37 compact digital camera with an underwater housing. I have been using it for a couple months to make some videos of our fishing and spearfishing trips in SE florida. I have been capturing still photos from the video when there is a great shot. For example, here is a still shot from a video I just made of a sailfish: I have a macbook with iMovie and iPhoto, and all I have really tried to do with my pictures is use the basic photo editing tools in iPhoto. Results have not been very impressive. Can you recommend other software or techniques to improve an image like the one I posted above? I realize you can only do so much with a low quality image, but maybe you have some ideas that will work better than the iPhoto tools? Thanks
  16. Hi, I am new to freediving and just started getting into making underwater videos this year. I am interested in trying to get close-up footage of some sharks but want to make sure I do it safely. There are two scenarios that I would like to get opinions on from experienced shark videographers. I spend a lot of time offshore fishing in florida. We catch sharks from time to time and I have been thinking about getting in the water to film when we have one on the line. Is this safe? While I have finally convinced myself that it is mostly safe to be in the water with sharks, I am not sure if their behavior becomes risky/unpredictable when they are hooked up? If I get too close is there a risk in getting in trouble? Or if the line breaks and I am close? I just tried this technique for the first time with a sailfish a couple days ago and got some pretty neat footage: I am interested in getting similar footage with a shark. The other thing we frequently do is to hang a dead fish on the back of the boat to attract other fish. Inevitably we get sharks from time to time, mostly hammerheads. Would you get in the water next to a hammerhead that was in "eating mode" and chomping on a dead fish? Would that be safe? Here is a video of exactly what I am talking about: I don't have much experience swimming with sharks or knowledge of their behavior and just want to know if you have any recommendations/advice/things not to do for me? Thanks!
  17. Thanks for the response Drew. I am mostly interested in viewing my videos on the web (vimeo) or on DVD's that I make. I am doing all the editing/creating on a macbook using iMovie and iDVD. The question I have is given that I am using this particular compact Panasonic camera now, what type/style/class of camera should I be investigating in order to notice a significant improvement in video quality (esp underwater)? I wish that a lot of the footage I have taken was crisper and cleaner than what it is. Is there a progression of camera types that get better and better for video capture? For example, I was watching some pretty impressive footage from a Canon HV20. Is this a logical upgrade/progression from the Panasonic fx35? I read an article recently on digital SLR's that record video - is that worth considering? This is just a hobby of mine and I don't have thousands to spend. But I am ready to start learning more about what it takes to go to the next step in video quality. A couple more details: I don't need to go deeper than 10 meters. I don't think I will ever want to mount lights on it. I don't need it to take still shots - only video is fine. -Paul
  18. Hi, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-fx35 with an underwater case about 6 months ago. The camera and case were each about $200. I have had a great time making fishing/spearfishing/diving videos with the setup. I purchased this setup because it was relatively inexpensive and could do HD. However, now I am starting to want higher quality video. I am a little overwhelmed with where to start and would appreciate your opinions/recommendations. What do you think should be my next step to get higher quality footage without breaking the bank? To get an idea of what I want to use the new setup for please check out some of the videos I have made with my existing Panasonic setup: http://www.vimeo.com/user1248792/videos Thanks for your advice! -Paul
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