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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback! It is great to get feedback from someone who has actually used a device before you step in. From the comments I will probably start with the 60mm and the Fisheye focus light. Next trip is to Bikini and Rongelop. Bikini will be all about wide angle and Rongelop is not known as a Macro heaven so the 60mm should do well along with the wide depending on what we are seeing. Happy Diving!
  2. I am looking to add a macro lense for my 20D for an upcoming trip. Have been using the 10-22 wide angle to this point and love it. I am trying to decide if I should go with the 100mm or the 60mm in my Aquatica housing. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. thanks GH
  3. Recently purchased a Canon 20D camera and was wondering if there are any recommendations on what type of memory storage to use. New to the digital camera world and was not sure which to use verses Microdrive, Flash, etc. Also is there a particular manufacturer and size that works best? I would imaging the larger the memory is the better but does this become a hinderance and some point? Thanks for all the input from this forum. You have made the switch from 35mm to digital much easier with your prior research and help. GH
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the Technical Lighting Control Strobe Arms from Aquatica? Looking to purchase and wanted to get some feedback from other users before I make the plunge.
  5. Recently purchased a Aquatica Housing for the Canon 20D and now need to get dual strobes for this setup. Planning on shooting both Macro (100mm) and Wide Angle (10-22mm). Have been looking at the Ikelite DS125 and the INON Z220 and was wondering pros and cons for each setup. Also is there another strobe setup I should be considering for this camera setup? Thanks for any feed back you can proivde.
  6. I know I am probably opening a can of worms but I am looking for insight from this group for the selection of a digital camera and housing. I have narrowed down the camera to the Nikon D100 or the Fuji S2. I am looking for information and recommendations for selecting between these two cameras for underwater photography and then also the same information for the housing for the camera. Any input you can provide will be greatly apprecaited. I have read most of all the reviews and technical articles on the cameras. The primary use will be UW and that is why I am asking here. I am an experienced UW film photographer so I understand the basics. Thanks!
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