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  1. Much thanks to everyone for the info. You guys are great!
  2. Thanks for all of the info. everyone! It will all be very helpful. I won this trip to Lembeh. So, I guess we kinda got a trip for two @ 1/2 price. Next year we will most likely book a trip to Bali for our "real" 10th anniversary (July 3rd). We are actually only in our 9th year of beating each other up. lol Until then, seeing the rest of the world cant be all that bad.
  3. I'm confused more than ever now but, anyway .... Found out recently that the Maldives is out of the question. Long story. Looks like Lembeh is our only option. We're staying @ The Lembeh Resort. Could somebody who has been there give me the full scoop on things .... including alternate excursions? I can be happy with just muck diving and shooting things around the resort, .... but my wife, she would like to do something besides watch my z240's create backscatter. lol Best time of year? Water Temps, clarity? Any wide angle opps? How are the guides? Volcano tour-worth it? Sunsets, .... should I bring any topside gear (i.e. pano, gnd,)? Flight time from Houston, Texas? Do's & Dont's? Thanks for all of the opinions so far.
  4. Looking to go to either Lembeh or the Maldives. Can the Wetpixel forum help me decide? If anyone who has been to both or either of the two, please fill me in on the scenario & which one would be best for whatever. I hear Lembeh has cold murky water & the Maldives reefs are badly bleeched. Have read bad reports about the dive operators in the Maldives also. My wife & I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary & one of these spots will be host. I'm a photographer & she is only OW certified. I've never been west of Hawaii so thanks for any & all info.
  5. Could you elaborate a little more on this? Thanks
  6. Pretty much what I did. Tokina would cost $400 to repair ... not. Cant trust the 7D anymore so it's done too ... along with batt. & CF card.
  7. Anyone ever have all of that replaced? Cost?
  8. Just put it all back together (minus the camera) and submerged it in the bath tub. No leaks. Now I'm confused because I never got past the mooring buoy at the surface. Leads me to think I did something wrong instead of it being mechanical.
  9. AV if there is plenty of light ... otherwise, Manual. SS should be 1/1000th or more. F8-16 is ideal. Center point focus. Stay out of the surfers way as best you can. Good luck & have fun.
  10. If you don't want to go in there, just give me the wide eyed, single digit, universal symbol.
  11. Not yet. Sending it (Subal housing) to get serviced soon. Claimed the 7D on insurance w/full replacement. Lucky. Found a place where I might be able to salvage the Tokina (jfyi): http://www.thkphoto.com/support/repairs/
  12. Hey y'all Flooded a Subal housing this past week in Cayman. Any ideas as to what to do with a body rinsed immediately with fresh water after a salt water flood? Is it worth anything? ... Tokina 10-17 too... drowned. ... also, what recommendations, as far as maintenance, should I do on the Subal CD7 housing? Insurance should cover most of the loss.
  13. Found out just how hard UW Photography really is. Thought I'd come back with a load of decent pics ... not. Taken near "Pelican Rock" @ Lands End @ 65'.....
  14. Typically, which of the two options would be best during a wall dive? I'm guessing a double strobe to add a brightly lit subject to the fore ground with a model or fish in the back ground?
  15. Thanks everybody! ... those are all great tips. I especially can relate to "knowing the controls blindfolded". Thats going to kill me until. ... btw, the pic doesnt show it but i'm using Nikonos 5 pin cords. Mark
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