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  1. What kind of render times are you getting ? 1x, 2x, 3x ? I'm getting 2x using Vegas on a Quad Core PC. Meaning a 10 minute video takes 20 minutes to render.
  2. That is a strong statement from Amphibico. I wonder if it is a reflection on the camcorder, housing or both.
  3. Jeeze Drew, still teasing us with your FX7 Endeavor review. Can't you give us any hints ? I have my Gates housing. It's solid, well designed, access to all the controls, viewfinder works fine, external monitor great. I'll get it in the water Aug 11-18.
  4. I have a question for the group that is slightly different. I am 100% a hobbyist. I do not sell any of my videos although I have given away a few. Sometimes other resort guests ask me if I sell my videos. I tell them no, but I do put them on the internet for people to view and/or download for free. Occassionally, if I like someone, I'll send them a DVD for free. When their is a resort or boat professional recording and soliciting DVD's for guests, I feel awkward when guests ask me if I sell my videos. I definitely don't want to affect someone trying to make a living. Sometimes the video pros don't solicit until later in the week after the guests have already spoken with me. I guess I could always down play my equipment and abilities and up play the pro. Although I've seen some pros using very old basic equipment. What would you guys do ?
  5. Question for those who use a tripod. Do you carry extra weight to weigh down the tripod ? I imagine you want the housing neutral when not using the tripod and very negative with the tripod. I'm thinking 10lbs neg would be nice and steady, but 5lbs is a lot easier to carry.
  6. Not sure if you've been watching the prices lately. The small HD cams have dropped in price in the past year. The HV10 goes for $700, HC5 $800.
  7. I did a little indoor test. I think 30% is accurate. I can definitely see a difference, but it's not huge. The camcorder see's it too as it wanted the ND filter on with the 100 watt bulb. I could also see the F-stops change when I went switched.
  8. New Kararu boat replacing the Voyager. Obviously, Eric was right. New boat Looks sweet to me. In booked to go next April.
  9. Curious, why are 100 watt bulbs only 30% brighter ? I guess I could always do some dry land tests indoors.
  10. I have halogen lights. Specifically a canister light setup. I typically use twin 50 watt halogen lamps for macro and closeups. For wide and medium angle I use my filter. I was considering going to 100 watt bulbs for the medium angle stuff, but that would involve wearing a 2nd canister since my single battery can't handle 200 watts. Will this be worth it or should I just stick to the filter for wide and medium angle ? I know the best way to answer my question is to try it, but I don't dive locally. The 2nd canister and battery will add a lot of weight to my already heavy luggage. Gates/Greenforce have a new twin 50 watt HID setup, so at least they feel a necessity for extra powerful lights. What do you guys think ?
  11. And let's not forget that distribution is not the only reason we do what we do. Whether you are a pro or just a hobbyist like me, it's aweful nice to watch HD videos/footage on an HDTV.
  12. Personal, yes. Each of us handle these warnings differently. I will tell you I am someone who lives in New York City, someone who witnessed with my own eyes, the plane flying into the WTC and watched it fall to the ground, in person, not on TV. Lucky for me, I was at a safe distance and was not injured. Terrorism is something to take seriously. Whether you take a warning seriously or not has nothing to do with growing up. If you want to state your opinion that an area or situation is safe, fine, nothing wrong with that and I agree that some security measures and warnings defy logic. But please don't belittle people for being afraid or feeling threatened.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but reading where he has dove, IMHO, the Caribbean would be disappointing.
  14. You're welcome. To clarify my instructions, when you trim, after you mouse over the edge, click and hold the left mouse button while you move. The "s" key will split, I just tested it.
  15. There are a lot of different ways to do the same function. Below is how I do it. Drop the clip into the timeline. To trim, mouse over the left edge of the clip and move right to trim beginning point. Mouse over the right edge of the clip and move left to trim end point. To split, move the cursor to exact split point you want, then I use the "edit" pulldown menu, click menu item "split". I believe you can also click "s" or "crtl s" instead of using the menu.
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