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  1. Ah, more good ideas, thank you. I was looking for a course in Cairns but it's a lot of money that I don't currently have since I'm a jobless traveler doing everything on savings for now. I think the cheapest way would be to rent a tank and do a shore dive somewhere and just practice like mad. As far as Lightroom, I can't stand it. I demoed both Aperture and Lightroom at the same time, using the same pictures, and Aperture was just easier. Lightroom is good, no doubt, but it's just the little things that bugged me. Like in Aperture on my 24" iMac with a second 23" monitor if I wanted to use the main monitor in full screen mode and then have all the working palettes in the second monitor, all I have to do is press F for full screen and H for the control HUD which I can then put anywhere. After a week I never did figure out how to do that in Lightroom. I think if I used Photoshop for more than the odd vector mapping then I'd be more inclined to use LR. But... I don't. I doubt it's Aperture that's holding me back. Topside photos are fine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/breakfastwithkangaroos/page2/ Now for the UW photos!
  2. Thanks, good info and I'm going out on a boat next week so I can give it a shot. I shoot in RAW and use Aperture. I don't like Photoshop much so pretty much I just do everything in Aperture.
  3. Hi, I take all my photos in "P" mode and this is what I come up with: http://gallery.me.com/the_np_bat_man#100717 I've hit a wall though because, obviously, P sucks. What's the best way to move away from this? I'm way too clumsy to go straight to manual so I was thinking aperture priority, set it on F8, and go from there. This is probably also a bad idea. Basically, I'm wondering where do I go from here? And if I start setting things manually and doing the whole shoot, evaluate, adjust method, how can I still get the quick shots of something cool that's quickly moving past? I guess the question I have is, how do I stop sucking and start producing photos like you guys?
  4. Hmmmm.... any ideas on how to fix that? I've tried pushing every button in case that was the issue before but to no avail. It's just wacky that it stopped working at the same level every time and then started up again at the same level every time.
  5. Hi there, I had a wacky problem and was wondering if anyone else has heard of this. I have a Canon 30d in an Ikelite housing and after about 18 months of using it, one day the buttons stop reacting after going below about 15 meters. I can tell the housing's buttons are hitting the 30d's buttons. When I change the settings on the knobs, I can see changes in the LCD thing at the top. It's only the buttons that stop reacting. And then, get this, at about 5 or 6 meters it starts working again. I know it's the camera because I bought another 30d and put in the housing and it worked. But has anyone ever even heard of this?
  6. Hi there, I use a 30d with Ikelite housing and Ikelite DS125 strobe. I've kind of hit a wall with the photography. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong but it's something so I'm here to look around and see what hints and tips I can find. Examples: http://gallery.me.com/the_np_bat_man#100717
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