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  1. Hello, Are you interested in Sea&Sea housing for Canon 5D Mark II?
  2. Is it still available?
  3. Images here: http://storage.workupload.com/image/BbHEfk3q http://storage.workupload.com/image/fINRdYaL http://storage.workupload.com/image/cW48yZzE http://storage.workupload.com/image/s8qEAeHS http://storage.workupload.com/image/7oJUcAow http://storage.workupload.com/image/uql1ZMYt http://storage.workupload.com/image/BqSD79k7 http://storage.workupload.com/image/Hi1FKWbc http://storage.workupload.com/image/tkDLcRcN http://storage.workupload.com/image/mr3QcW9J http://storage.workupload.com/image/21hl5Pfr http://storage.workupload.com/image/r0pMQoDx http://storage.workupload.com/image/KdiEx7be
  4. I forgot to add in the list: Sea&Sea TTL converter C. The price remains unchangerd
  5. Complete UW set for Canon 350D / Rebel XT for sale. I've upgrated to Mark II, so my old baby needs a new home - great for DSLR beginners. The set includes: Canon Rebel XT\ 350D body, used only underwater ~4000shots; (no lens included) Sea&Sea DX-350D - never flooded; Sea&Sea compact dome port for wide angle lenses with dome covet - scuffed a bit from use, but still takes great shots; Sea&Sea Dome extention ring 22 (for using the port with 10-22 lens); Sea&Sea Zoom gear for Canon 10-22 f3.5-4.5 USM; 2x Sea&Sea Arm VII sets; Sea&Sea YS-110 strobe; Sea&Sea YS-110alfa strobe; 2xSea&Sea Sync Cords (5pin); some o-rings and spare parts. Everything is used, but in great condition. I will sell only the complete pachage for Euro 1500 I am located in Bulgaria - EU, but will sent enywhere in the world at buyers costs.
  6. Looking for a Sea&Sea housing for Canon 5D Mark II - housing only. If you have one for sale, please email or PM me with your description of the condition of your housing and asking price. Thanks!
  7. I am offering a Sea & Sea DX-350D housing, used 100-120 dives for two years with a Canon 350D camera - totally new. Offering the full photo set, that includes: Sea&Sea;DX-350D $2300.00 Compact dome port $499.00 Flat port $299.00 Extention ring 22 $99.00 SX1000 extention ring $189.00 Sea arm VII 2x$249.00 YS110a strobe + cable $639.00 YS110 strobe + cable $590.00 TTL converter $499.00 Focus light $179.00 Focus light holder $99.00 Canon 350D camera body $350.00 Tokina 10-17 fisheye $579.00 Zoom gear for 17-40 $149.00 Canon EF-S 10-22 $699.00 Zoom gear for 10-22 $144.00 Canon EF-S 60mm macro $409.00 TOTAL MARKET PRICE $8220.00 My price $3900.00 Pictures, made with this set on my web site: http://www.martindive.com Pictures of the equipment on request.
  8. I had the same problem, caused by a low battery of TTL... Strange, but I had the same Err 01 in every 4-5 shoots. I changed the battery of the TTL and everything was fixed! Martin
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