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  1. Dear members. Does any other dealer had issues with SUBAL lately? I mean like last 6 moths or so. I sold one Subal housing for SONY Alpha MKIII camera and there has been so many issues. Housing was delivered around 18.09.2019. First there was problem with the top mount ball joint. Screw, what should connect the housing top mount ball joint and the housing, was installed wrong way. And inside the thread was some sort of clue, so that the screw was just holding with 1 ore 1,5 thread and the clue. And it just fell off from the housing. Luckily it happened when assembling everything on kitchen table. So if customer would go diving then for sure it would just snap off and could damage port or brake the cable or worse. So we sent housing back for repair. Unfortunately customer one dive trip was ruined by that. Subal "fixed" the ball joint hole cleaning the te clue out. Not sure exactly how, by the looks they drilled that out and installed some thread spring. Not sure the correct name in English. But it looks like it works. Then we noticed that the monitor housing screen was to small, or monitor inside to big, however some important data was hidden. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO. All import for making pictures. Subal agreed to take monitor and monitor housing back. I returned the customer money. But I have not received money back from SUBAl so far. Then, when customer had first dive trip, it turns out that one back wheel does not work. And it stopped working after 10m. It looks like two buttons are pressing at the same time. So the neew back wheel looks like never tested properly. So SUBAL promised to send simple 5 button set to change it. But they never arrive. The email with problem description with buttons were sent 05.12.2019. And so far its still not fixed. Mr.Harald keeps saying they will sent it, and that it is sent, but no packages has arrived. Also no tracking nr. And it appears that Mr.Harald only answer for email when He has some excuse. Like that He is in business trip and not in office, or in some exhibition. And Mr.Harald asks to send email to some other email, someone who should be in office and will answer. But also this email does not answer. So I assumed they might have some money issue and ordered credit report from Bisnode Europa. And things does not look good. I have returned the customer money as any honest dealer would do, but so far SUBAl never sent it back. They said, about 1-2 weeks ago, that they have installed the monitor itself deeper and all the info is now seen trough the monitor housing. But as expected customer does not have any trust left. Also, I have some concern that it might have problem underwater if light is behind, since the monitor itself is installed deeper, then there might be to much space and maybe it might be difficult to see underwater. I will update the original post with links to pictures for all the problems. Maybe someone has ideas or experience how to fix this buttons problem. Also will add this credit report. Today is already 16.02.2020. So after two months when the button issue was informed and no solution. And customer has new dive trip coming very soon and considering there is no answers and solution the new trip can be ruined as well.
  2. Hey Please share did You got Your issue solved? Our customer bought DSLR housing and have several problems. Also I can see that base plate has very weak and does not support camera inside and buttons gets misaligned. I have sold several sets during years and never had any problemas. Just fondering did You got Your issue solved and how.
  3. Sorry. Late update. Housing, dome and Tokina is also sold. Only camea with macro lens and port is still for sale.
  4. Hey Probably trying to get 300. Shipping around 20 eur.
  5. Camera Nikon D90 Lens Nikkor AF-S 105 mm 1/2,8G VR Lens Tokina 10-17 mm Strobe Metz 58 AF-2 + sync cord Infrared remote Bag for camera Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D90 8" Dome port for Tokina 10-17 mm Macro port for Nikkor 105 mm Location in Estonia. Shipping world wide. Price remaining items 1650 eur + shipping Please contact me: +37256236937 info@scubaphoto.ee
  6. UP! Spliting full lset. Strobes and Lens Nikkor 18-105 mm is sold. Rest of it is wayting reasonable offers.
  7. For sale complete D90 Ikelite set: Camera Nikon D90 Lens Nikkor 18-105 mm Lens Nikkor 105 mm Lens Tokina 10-17 mm Strobe Metz 58 AF-2 + sync cord Infrared remote Bag for camera Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D90 8" Dome port for Tokina 10-17 mm Macroport for Nikkor 105 mm le 2x DS160 strobes with double arms 1x Ikelite single sync cord 1x Ikelite dual sync cord 1x Ikelite slave sensor 1x Ikelite sync cord extension 4,5m puidutera.ee/img/Asjad%20m%C3%BC%C3%BCki/DSC_0011.jpg Location in Estonia. Shipping world wide. Only serious offers please. Please contact me: +37256236937 info@scubaphoto.ee Price 3000 EUR included shipping.
  8. I like to make some face and body paint on land, not underwater, and then shoot them underwater, so that face or body clowing like some corals when use flourescent.
  9. Hello I have one idea in mind and I am not sure how or is it even possible. Most of people have seen pictures where people have used UV paint and then they get some quit interesting pictures. Like this one what I found by google: LINK: What I like to to is use this type of paint and get similar results underwater. I think that I am lost between flourescent and UV pictures. Or if I use flourescent lights and filters should I get similar result like using blacklight on land? Thanks
  10. Hey Sounds good. I will try to push my time also then this time. To You have some hotel alredy booked or know where You are staying? Any information what diving company You using?
  11. Hey I planning to visit Bali in November or December and planning to stay there one month. Is here any local diver who can share some information wheer to dive, where to stay and so? Maybe here is someone who have even rental house or something and willing to dive together and showing around. Best Regards
  12. If programs worked before just fine, I would consider formatting computer and install all software fresh. Windows collecting so many useless files over the years and that makes computer also very slow. And also, If you already have PC software licenses, then they don't fit to MAC. So then You need to buy new licenses also. And this cost much more than just new Mac computer. If this is not a option, then its much cheaper to format computer, make some upgrade (graphic card) and life goes on. Of course, before format your hard drive, You must back-up all your files.
  13. Hello I have on G11 set to sell. 1. Canon G11 2. 2x original battery 3. One back-up o-ring 4. Canon housing weights 5. FantaSea red filter 6. Fantasea BigEye 7. US and EU battery charger 8. Canon housing Here is picture: http://aixlands.planet.ee/DSC_0371.jpg Used few times, because I resieved my D90 and Ikelite set. Price 500 EUR + transport cost.
  14. Thank You for pointing me this book.
  15. Thanks this tip. If I change mu regulator and BCD, then I think in my case there is no problem. Total weigt then is something like 32 kg.
  16. Hi Do anybody can suggest some book what describe fish behavior? I mean maybe there is some book what describe how to get close some specific fish, understand when they are angry and attacking and so one. It is important information new underwater photographer who don't have so many experience to understand fish behavior. Its important to understand when to leave fish settle down to don't disturb them to much. Yeah, its maybe even little secrets from PRO-s how to get close, but it can be also important information to hold natural environment. I saw some YouTube videos how to behave some cases and don't violate their life. It important to keep marine life alive.
  17. Hello I used to pack my things Explorer case 7630.B. It is filled with foam. Foam is pre cubed and its make easy to cut different size holes for all kind of equipment. This pre cubed is good but maybe bad in longer use terms, because this pre cubed foam, holes what You make, quite easily like to enlarge bigger when you several times remove layers. But time will show how this is working. Of course Explorer have also soft padded dividers, but first I liked to test this foam. This case arrived with 3 thick and 2 thin layers foam. When I started to think what case and how big case I will need, I was very sure that over wight is certain when I like to take all photo equipments and diving gears also, then I choose bigger case and hoped to fit all to one case. First of all I think to put in this case only photo equipments, but when I received case I understand that I must try to fit all things, because its not easy to take two bag what I give away and one what I take in plain. So I decided to fit all photo equipments and dive gears to this Explorer case and only few clothes and camera and lenses I take with me in plain. This case is so deep, that I decided to hide smaller things inside several layers. First layer (thin layer foam) I hided housing handles. Second layer started to fit bigger and more sensitive parts. I hided all parts inside second, third and fourth layer (thick layer foam). On top I used second thin layer foam to cover most photo equipments and started to fit dive gears. And I was able to fit all things. Only what isn't in picture is my BCD. It just don't fit because I have ScubaPro T-Black. But soon I will receive my travel BCD ScubaPro Geo and then all things will be one case. And end of packing I use two Explorer case three number lock to be sure that no one can so easily open and see what is inside the case. I don't know yet is this packing will work, but end of this year October I will go travel and test it. This case weight now max 35 kg. +/- 2 kg when I receive new BCD. Most of my traveling its not a problem, because diver can take 20 + 12 kg free of charge and 8 kg carri in baggage. If using soft badded dividers weight might be even smaller. But this in future testing. Only problem what I have no is insurance. Because here in Estonia no insurance company don't make such value case insurance. They have maximum amount only 2000 EUR-os and all things cost much more. One company made insurance offer and two weeks cost 291 EUR. I think its to much and I will try to find cheaper solution. Here is few pictures to show what I did: http://aixlands.planet.ee/Kast_koos/ Best Regards Aigar
  18. Hi I hade same situation this year here in Estonia. Our finest art college in Estonia, student choose Shies exam work underwater fashion. We made several test before we made last shooting. We used 4m deep pool. It was quite clean. Other pools was so dirty and there was practically impossible to shoot anything. So. We had use Nikon D90, Ikelite housing, two Ikelite DS160 strobes, two studio strobes. We used to fire studio strobe long cable and slave sensor. We made it to water proof and taped this into one Ikelite strobes. Here is some pictures what was referred to evaluate. http://blog.scubaphoto.ee/?p=7 This project, here in Estonia, was so unique because no one have not made similar school project ever. This blog is so new that is still testing period, but most important is pictures. Best Regards Aigar
  19. Hello First two absolutly stunning. Thank to sharing. Best Regards Aigar
  20. Very impressive. Thanks to sharing.
  21. Hello I don't know is it help or is it correct but... For me, it happened when I shoot directly to sun. Or when strobe was bad position and flashed back to dome port. When I corrected strobe position to behind dome this problem was gone. Never happened other circumstance. Best Regards
  22. Thanks for this information. Potato sound good specially because I can make fries Do I need to do this potato trick before entering to water or I can do that home evening before next day diving? This lemon pledge feels good and easy. But I am not sure what is it. I never noticed this our local stores in Estonia. Must learn more information what this exactly is.
  23. Hi, Can somebody tell what they use to clean 8" Ikelite Dome port to shoot "half and half" pictures? I have tryed to shoot some pictures but I have problems with water drops in dome port. Thanks
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