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  1. Hi Guys, for various reasons I want to fit the Zen DP100 dome to the epl3/ept05 housing. I understand that to do this I'm going to need to modify or even remove the switch on the front. Has anyone else done this and can they offer any advice please?
  2. expanding the discussion a bit further, how does this differ from a fisherman, sitting on his boat or river bank throwing some bread or bait into the water to bring in the fish? If that is morally acceptable, is taking some bread down on a dive (something that often happens on a dive site here in Gozo) or on a night dive allowing fish to use your torch light to hunt for small prey that might be blinded by the light? This last activity is really common in the red sea where Lion fish often use diver's lights to hunt by, whether the diver intends it to happen or not. Where is the line drawn? I took the following photograph in Gozo where the bream queue up to be fed and allowing divers to carry a slice of bread gives them an extraordinary experience.
  3. I was in Sodwana Bay, South Africa last February and we were privileged to dive 1/4 mile reef the anual temporary home to prgenant Raggies. We were all asked not to use strobes as there seemed evidence that a lot of strobes firing made them nervous. As it happened, as I rolled off the boat my shutter lever caught on a rope and pulled off, Arriving at the sea bed as the 1st curious Raggie came toward me I carefully set the white balance then raised the camera, framed the shot and my index finger waggled up and down where the lever should have been
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