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  1. I've an old, very old Contessa, probably dating from the 1960's and while it is still working I noticed that the photos appear a little hazy. On closer examination it looks like the lens (inside and out) is dirty. This could be just dirt or I'm afraid it could be fungus. I'm looking for recommendations of where/who I can get to look at the camera and offer suggestions. Any help/suggestions would be gratefully received. Sal.
  2. I had a similar problem with a compact flat port and extension ring. I soaked it in warm water and them applied a good dose of brute force and ignorance and never left them together for very long afterwards. For storage they live together but without the o-ring. Just be careful you don't cross thread them when you are putting them back together, on mine its easy to do.
  3. I would always say break your kit down as similar to the other post you can find yourself not being able to seperate them at all! I have a Sea&Sea housing for a D70 and even on a weeks diving holiday have had problems seperating a compact flat port from its extension ring, so now every couple of days I seperate them and clean and re-grease. I bought the housing second hand and the previous owner had left the main body o-ring in the housing while storing it, the o-ring had taken the shape of the housing and was effectively useless. I'm afraid you just have to be completely geeky about it, break stuff down so it doesn't get the opportunity to seal permantly and always when storing kit remove the o-rings. If possible have a couple sets of o-rings and rotate them, when not in use clean them and put them in your every trusty zip lock bags with the o-ring name and number, ie Main-1, Port-1.....
  4. Bob I'd be interested to know how you get on sourcing a S&S MDX-D300 housing. I'm not in the market just yet but hopefully I will be.
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