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  1. Hi,I just switched from a D90 to a D7100. Of course I did this at Christmas before the D7100 was announced but I really like this camera. Such a big difference. I had this same discussion with several folks in trying to decide on an upgrade from DX to FX. Weight and such large file sizes were a big factor for me as well as thinking about how I take photos underwster. In the end, I stayed with the DX system because of my ports and lenses that I already have. More costs to change ports and new wide angle lens. So far I've been very pleased with the D7100. The only issie I have with it so far is the buffer seems slower when I get very snap happy and want to shoot off 6-8 frames all at once. Which does not happen that often underwater for me since I do not focus on big animal encounters. I will have it under water here in a few weeks. Hey....wwonder why my post above showed as a guest and not as me when I was logged in? So you will know that was DiverPam above Diverpam
  2. Nice job. Thanks for sharing DiverPam
  3. Jean - Thanks so much for the feedback. That helped me to make my decision....standard bulkheads. Happy snapping - DiverPam
  4. Hello everyone. I need help in answering a few questions about fiber optic and/or electrical connections for my housing bulkhead. I just upgraded cameras and I am now ordering my new housing. I use an Aquatica Housing. I am upgraded from the D90 to the D7100. I have 2 Ikelite strobes and I have been using dual nikonos bulkheads with electrical synch cords. I do not use TTL...prefer manual. I hope to change out my strobes in the future but for now my pocketbook is empty. Here is what I am looking to get answers on. I have a couple of options to consider with the bulkhead. I can go back with 2 electrical bulkheads or I have the option of what is called a hybrid - one electrical bulkhead and one optical. This hybrid is all new to me. Questions: Do you think it is worth it to get the hybrid setup? What do you think about the hybrid setup? Does anyone on here have it? Or should I just wait until the point in the future that I have strobes that have this capability and send the housing back and have the bulkheads changed out then? If I get the hybrid, then I would have to use one cord that is split - any comments on this setup? I am used to 2 separate synch cords. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks - DIverPam
  5. Thanks Steve. Information helped. Yes....it is backed up. LR now reading previews after I followed instructions on this. Thank Pam
  6. Finally found something online about this. Seems like when I finally give up and ask questions, I find answers. Should have asked sooner! Pam
  7. Hey guys...thought someone here might have run across this problem before and be able to help me out. When I open my LR 5 on my laptop, it gives the following error. "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from the its preview cache and needs to quit." And then something to effect it will attempt to repair the issue on next time it opens. But after many times, stll not working. I have also attempted to uninstall and then reinstall LR to see if this fixes the issue, but it did not. Any suggestions welcome - Diverpam
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback and comments. All helpful to me. Pam
  9. Simon, Can you tell me how to see embedded metadata in a photo online? How do you check for that? I am working on loading up a new set with this in it. I thought I had this turned on to be included, but apparently it was not. Thanks - Pam
  10. Steve....I want to say thank you for all your support along the way. You were the first person to give me feedback in 2009 when I joined wetpixel and have been so helpful since. Thanks. Pam
  11. Thanks for for suggestions on Joomla and the meta data. A friend of mine who does websites for a living did this for me. But they do not know photography well. I will definitely mwntion both of these things to him. And see about fixinh the meta data issue. This is exactly why I asked for feedback. This is all new to me Thanks guys. Pam
  12. Thanks Steve for the feedback. It really means a lot coming from you.
  13. Hey guys, I finally did it. I have a website of my photography up and running. I have been using flickr for a number of years and have finally migrated over to one of my own. This is fun and exciting, but an all new arena for me. I would love to get your feedback on it. I have started with four galleries and my plan is to add destination specific galleries in the future. I am wondering whether or not to add additional information to each photo about where and what....but not sure about this. Like I said, I would like to hear what you think and see if you have any suggestions. http://www.pmurph.com Happy diving - DIver Pam
  14. Thanks Bill...tried it. Would not pull a vacuum, so I thought not putting it in the water was the better choice for tomorrow. Hopefully I can find a retainer clip on the island somewhere tomorrow. Diverpam
  15. You bet I will! Thanks for the suggestion. The last few dive trips have seen a myriad of problems. Ready for a problem free trip.
  16. Hey guys...I need help ASAP. I am in Cozumel and need to see if I can rig something up so I can still use my camera. There is a retainer clip on the inside of my housing that has come off and I can't find it. It holds the buttons in place. The missing part is the retainer clip on the back of one of the bottons. In the picture, you can see it missing on the bottom button. It is flat and silver and looks like it keeps the round knob from sliding out of place. Here is a picture showing what is missing, Hope this helps. I was considering using electrical and duct tape on the outside of the housing to hold it in as well as having it under a vacuum. I really want to get this usable since we are scheduled to swim with the whale sharks while here. I really want my camera for that! Any suggestions welcome! DiverPam
  17. Exceptional set of photos! Well done Tim. Thanks for sharing Pam
  18. I anxiously await this thread every year...it is so full of treasures. So hard to choose...but here are my top two favorites. Both of these were taken during Digital Madness in Grand Cayman. I love jawfish and catching this yawn was especially fun. This was my first outing with silversides and also photographing freedivers. Merry Christmas and Happy diving eveyone - Pam
  19. I recently bought a used Nikon D90 from Andy_Marcellino. Answered all my questions. And shipped day after I paid on Paypal. Everything was described. Nice to deal with - Pam
  20. TImely topic....2 floods since 2000. First in 2000...rolled off the back of the boat with the rig. I have had it handed down ever since. Most recent flood...3 weeks ago. Port came off the front of the camera when it was handed to me. Epic flood...when huge bubbles instantly come up you know it is not pretty. I had done a leak check in the rinse tank before getting on the boat and set it on the camera table on way out to divesite. Apparently port came loose somewhere on boat ride. Lesson learned....double check the port after boat rides. Thank goodness for equipment insurance. And...have a vacuum system put it. Already have it ordered and housing in their hands. Not waiting on that one. Happy flood free diving everyone - Diverpam
  21. Adam.....Here is a thread started last year along the same line of questioning. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46433&hl=%2Basus+%2Bzenbook&do=findComment&comment=310082 There is a lot of information in there about what you are asking about. I am sure that there are some newer models out, but it may help as you are looking at what you want. Good luck - Diverpam
  22. Jock...Yes I do play around with strobe positions and like to also play around with snoots. And I have found that in low light, the 105 really does need a focus light so that it does not hunt. I have used my strobes modeling light for a focus light when my batteries went out on me though. Thanks for the feedback - Pam
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