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  1. No- battery is not tranferable between the 3 and the older models. No manual white balance "more of a manual CHOOSE your white balance before recording from white balance presets or go Auto white balance" Options for white balance are..3000K 5500K 6500K or cam raw
  2. 4gb limit on video is new to me as I mostly use hard drive for recording.. Thanks for the info on that Audio noise was a bummer maybe in 4-6 months I will try again if they get the bugs worked out
  3. As excited as I was to get the Gopro 3 black I was quick to return it to the store... Many issues and it seems bad reviews are popping up on amazon with same problems and a few other issues I did not have. Contacted customer support 3 times and never heard back so they seem to be backed up dealing with these issues. My problems were, speaker picks up internal electronic noises during video that pulses along with the on and off blinking record light. Video automatically segments itself not allowing for videos longer than 17:26. I can combine segments PP but should not have to At $399 plus $80 lcd screen and more $ for a micro memory card I expected a better product
  4. Got a Ikelite underwater canon case, hf s11 camcorder and plan on picking up a light or two. Any recomendations on what is a good size or model Hard case for packing and travel? Thanks for your time
  5. Got the case for my hf s11. Ikelite is a quality made case but manual W/B is a little bit of a pain. Definetly takes some practice to do it with the 3 poke at it push in and turn type controls. I could see how gates with the remote option would be much easier. I hope to get the controls down for my Belize trip in a few weeks. Overall for the price its a good case but if I could cough up a couple grand I would have gone with the gates.
  6. Ikelite is who I am leaning towards due to the fact they are about the cheapest case that still has MWB. I would love to go with gates but unfortunately out of my price range. Still doing research before I buy since I can not find many reviews about lens selection with the ikelite set up...?...? Got the vixia from zaljp1 thru ebay and had good response and delivery..You must use a buy it now to get bing cash back
  7. Thanks everyone for their input. Went ahead and ordered my new ivis hf s11 and got it for around $815 to the door! Also used Bing as the search engine and got $86.00 back on my purchase 10%!!!
  8. Would I be crazy to get the ivis hf s11 "from japan" rather than the vixia hf s11 "from U.S." to save a FEW hundred bucks on ebay? It seems they are the exact same camera other than I may have to download the instructions in english "ivis" but the actual camera can be switched to all english. Warantee will not mean much if something happens underwater anyways so would probably have to buy seperate insurance for diving with it anyways...Am I missing something why the vixia is over $300 bucks more??? Thanks for any advice
  9. I have seen a few out there but most were published some years ago. Any recomendations for a beginner?
  10. With Equinox can you adjust for white balance? Any menu options? Equinox 5 Manual controls-Power on/off, Record start/stop, Zoom-Wide/Telephoto, Photo still and Memory Ikelite Rear-view LCD Monitor Power On/Off Control Record Start/Stop Zoom Control Snapshot Control Joystick Controls Mode Dial Control Function Button Custom Button Custom Dial
  11. Just couple questions--- Am I corect that there is no option for viewing what you are recording with Equinox unless you spend $400 more for a lcd mount to the back plate? I see you have lenses available that go "on the camera" but only in wide angle. So the dome in front is just glass? Will any lense that fits in the case "as in a macro" work without distortion?
  12. Anyone use the Canon Pixela ImageMixer 3SE Video Editing Software? I am new into the hobby and am a little worried about starting out with this due to its reviews?
  13. http://www.backscatter.com/hostedstore/pro...s/fe-ledfl.html I went night diving and loved it. Did run into a problem where my fujifilm z100fd took a long time to snap a picture. Being a novice and not wanting to spend alot will this fix my problem? With it only being 20 lumens will it be bright enough to allow my camera to focus in the dark at 5 or 6 feet away? Has anyone used this light?
  14. Canon WP-V1 Record Start/Stop Telephoto and Wide Zoom Photo Capture Preview Scene mode also available which is designed to adjust white balance for underwater conditions. no menu functions other than scene mode? Thanks for pointing that out
  15. Glad to see someone can make a case for under $1500!! Maybe this will get other case makers back into something called reality with their pricing.... Found that case for under $400 WOW http://www.cameraaddict.com/viewproduct.aspx?id=10713451 I am also intrested in what lighting will work with this set up
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