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  1. My house guest is Fred Dion from Backscatter East. If anyone could get replacements he could. He tried to get replacements but it is not possible, nauticam has not even replied to requests. Diving with my backup P7000 point and shoot today and everyone on the Island has a theft/robbery story. The captain (a native) of the boat has been robbed 3 times this year as has his family. I would not risk your camera gear on this Island, there are so many other places to go. Dr. Joel Murphy www.drjmphotography.zenfolio.com
  2. I have been traveling to Providencialis for 13 years for the great scuba diving and underwater photography opportunities and part of a group of veterinarians that does volunteer veterinary work. I also travel to Grand Turk on the same trips. The crime has always been non existent on Grand Turk but always a problem on Providencialis. It is no longer just an inconvenience. Now the crime has gotten so bad, my cameras (D3s and D800 and lenses) were stolen within 48 hours of gettting to the Island - right in my house, while we were in the house eating dinner! Only got one afternoon dive before my equipment was stolen. Fortunately, we did not get held at knife point like an unfortunate resident the night before. It seems the natives in Providencialis are much more interested in stealing than tourism and are brazen and dangerous. The crime is at epidemic levels here. Stay away! If traveling to Turks and Caicos, go to Grand Turk - they are friendly (unlike Providencialis) and the diving is better than Providencialis, but most importantly you will not have your cameras and equipment stolen. March is a great time to photograph whales at Salt Cay (near Grand Turk) Sadly, I am doing volunteer veterinary work here for the next 2 weeks with no way to replace my cameras - It's almost not worth diving without a DSLR in my hand. Dr. Joel Murphy www.drjmphotography.zenfolio.com
  3. I am interested in entire package would you please contact to negotiate
  4. I am interested in whole setup please send price
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