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  1. I've used 7x4x1.5 O rings for a while. I also make my own plugs (delrin rod) and use TOSLINK fibre optic cable. TOSLINK cables are excellent - reinforcement sleeve over the fibre optic and a thick soft plastic outer. You can get a 2m cable (ie enough for 2 camera cables) for less than a fiver. UWVisions also sell a 90 degree plug kit (FIT S&S strobe adapter) for £20, which looks like it could be adapted for TOSLINK . Still cheaper than buying a curly cable!
  2. Inon have also now replied. Their take is that the tubes deteriorate and get a brownish tinge (mine don't). Repair is by replacement of the whole board, but these are no longer available. Still looking for that bank.....difficult now they no longer inhabit the high street!!!
  3. Unfortunately Kevin has no new repair parts, only bits recovered from scrapped units. I'm going to start looking for a bank to rob.
  4. Thanks again, makar0n. I haven't thought about Inon service - but that is more out of prejudice than reason! I'll give them a try and let you know how I get on. Pete
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys. These strobes are probably now over 15 years old, and capacitors - particularly aluminium ones - don't have an infinite life. We've got 3 or 4 of them, all of which exhibit the same performance so the problem is common to them. Because of this, I'd also discounted a PCB/component failure. Pity, as apart from not working they look fine!!! Looks like I need to raid the bank again.... Thanks. Pete
  6. Many thanks for that, makar0n. It is what I expected! I'm no fan of ParcelFarce either.... I will check out Fotografit - I've got a feeling the Lady Wife has bought from them before. My Z240s have finally died - the capacitors have lost the will to live (posted in another Wetpixel forum). Good luck with yours! Best regards. Pete
  7. Hi. Just out of interest, has anyone imported any camera gear into UK form Japan recently? I need to buy some new strobes, and prices from Japan seem good. However I haven't been able to fathom out the import tax/duties payable. 20% VAT plus tax would cancel out any saving! Thanks. Pete
  8. Hi, My wife and I have had Z240s for years, and one by one they seem to die in the same way - the power drops off and is not controllable. I don't believe this is the magnet problem - I've replaced most of them - but I'm led to believe it is the capacitors failing. Capacitors can die, so I thought I'd strip one of the units and see what I can see. The 240 has two capacitors in parallel - 500uF 330V, and should be reasonably easy to replace....if you can find them! The problem appears to be that they are small - 20mm diameter and 40mm long. In that size I can only find 350uF; the smallest 500uF are both longer and fatter. Has anyone managed to replace these capacitors, and if so where did you find the replacements? PS ....yes I did discharge them before touching them! Pete
  9. Price reduction! Now 2500 Euro!
  10. I am changing camera and selling my much-loved Hugyfot Nikon D7100/7200 housing and accessories. I would like to sell everything in one lot, but will consider breaking the set if I cannot sell it all. 1. Hugyfot Nikon D7100 housing, (also suitable for Nikon D7200). Complete with; · Hugycheck vacuum system and manual pump · Standard viewfinder · Single Nikonos 5-pin adapter and Hugyfot twin fibre optic adapter · Blanking cap · Allen key set This has been well used but is in full working order and has been serviced. 2. Inon 45 degree viewfinder. Used and in good condition. 3. Ports; · Sea & Sea 150mm acrylic dome port (repolished) with Hugyfot adapter · Hugyfot wide angle port (repolished) · Hugyfot 70mm macro port (short one, allows use with 35mm lens). All with neoprene covers, Hugyfot ports have blanking caps. 4. Super macro lens adaptor for Hugyfot macro port. Includes FIT magnetic lens adaptor with 67-77mm ring and Dyron UCL77 supplementary lens (+7 dioptre). 5. Hugyfot extension rings; 20, 30, 40 and 50mm 6. Zoom gears for Nikon 12-24, Sigma 17-70 and Tokina 10-17 (2 off) 7. Spares pack, including O rings, spare zoom gear and unused spare circuit board. Lots more photos if you want them. Price for all the above excluding postage €2,900. Also available to go with the housing is Nikon D7100 body, complete in original box and with very low shutter count (<16000). €350 plus postage. Alternatively I have a D7200 with higher shutter count (<40,000) which I might consider selling for €550 plus postage.
  11. Update. Good news and not so good. The bearing locking ring arrived this morning, and has the correct thread size. That's the good news! However, it is a lot chunkier than the original - see the photo for comparison. Depth should not be a problem, but the outside diameter is just a bit too big to fit inside the window space. I have a small lathe, so a bit of machining is required! Thanks again for the offers of help and advice. Pete
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