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  1. I had the older dslr 45 degree version on my D500, so so similar to your camera. It was perfect and I’d say no need for the latest version Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Went with the nauticam in the end as I was happier putting all the pieces together seamlessly. If I knew the Guadalupe trip was likely to have fallen through I’d have come to Florida instead and had your gear [emoji85]! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’ve got the A1 with wwl-1 Phil, just thought it would be a killer combo with an r7 Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I was looking a few weeks ago to see if this would get housed - ended up with an A1 as I needed it before a trip to Guadalupe (that now looks like getting cancelled!) If it can be used with the WWL-1 I think it has huge potential
  5. An important point before you pull the trigger on your new housing, just consider what your intended targets are. A dx ( or aps-c) setup may give you a little more flexibility. You can’t use canons 60mm on full frame as far as I know you’re down to canons 100mm (admittedly a great lens) The 16-35 is great for certain subjects such as big animals in the blue but you’re going to want a big dome for reefs. I used to have a 1dx with a sigma 15mm fisheye and the 100mm and did ok but it was a long way from being a flexible system. Not trying to put you off but please just think before buying an expensive housing which to be honest won’t have much future sell on price. Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi all, Following on from the announcement today highlighted on the front page of Wetpixel, I was wondering if there is anybody here who is 'in the know' about what is happening regarding Guadalupe this shark season. Basically, I'm booked on the Nautilus Belle Amie this September, in what is a bucket list trip for me and Mrs P both turning 50. We've based a whole trip around this going to San Diego, LA and Vegas afterwards - places we would not normally go to but thought we might as well do for something different as we're over on the US west coast anyway. I had no idea Guadalupe had been closed early season and a couple of weeks ago my final payment was due, so I tried to do it online but Nautilus website said they were not accepting payments - no other explanation. Eventually I rang the office and was told they were changing their payment system and I could pay in a week and my trip was safe - nothing else mentioned. Still, a couple of weeks later I cannot pay, then today I see the announcement by Horizon Charters, so I check Nautilus' website and see I can pay for other trips so they must be taking payments, but I still cannot pay my balance. I ring again and am eventually told there is an ongoing court case and they are hoping for an answer by 19th August, but I can always defer my trip but not have a refund. I was told the payment issue was about a month ago which would have been before I made the first call. Somebody somewhere being a little economical with the truth. To say I'm unhappy with the lack of communication and transparency is a huge understatement - I'm still hoping I get to go on a beautiful boat and see some majestic sharks, but I have my doubts. So - does anyone have any insider knowledge of the likelihood of the area being open anytime soon? cheers Mike
  7. I’ve got a zen 4” dome for the 8-15mm fisheye along with a zoom ring. Also an extra zoom ring to use that lens with the kenko 1.4x converter. Also a port for the 60mm macro and a 20mm extension Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Cheers Phil, I’ll look again at those articles. If I’ve read this right then, I can assign one of the custom function buttons to switch between the 2? If so, that could solve the issue Thanks Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to set up my Sony A1 for underwater use. Normally, topside, I have the EVF / monitor option set to auto, so when I look through the viewfinder the EVF comes into play, then as I remove my eye from the viewfinder, the rear monitor takes over. That's fine for regular wildlife topside shooting. However, once the camera is sat in my Nauticam housing (with 45 degree viewfinder attached in case that makes any difference) the rear monitor takes over permanently as the sensor next to the EVF doesn't seem to activate. What I'd ideally like to do is use the EVF when I'm shooting, then have the option of keeping my eye to the viewfinder and viewing the playback there, or moving away from the camera to look at the rear screen. Does anybody have any idea on settings, as at the moment I have to choose full time EVF or full time monitor cheers Mike
  10. Stock viewfinders do a job , but I doubt there are many who use enhanced viewfinders that want to change back to their housings original small viewfinder. I think they're just about the best accessory available for a non-imaging part of the setup
  11. For me, its lighting and composition that make a good shot. Getting the techs right take that same shot towards the 'great shot' category. Doesn't always have to be pin sharp - blurs and the like can be fantastic even though they are not meeting the traditional sharp standards expected. I'd much rather see a well lit and composed image of a clownfish than a sterile but technically perfect shot of a rarity.
  12. I'd suggest going with the Canon 8-15 and possibly the kenko 1.4x converter. Using the bare lens will only by viable at the longest setting for CFWA, so the 1.4, whilst taking a minor hit in IQ (and on my Nikon it was very minor, not enough to be concerned about at all) will give you a lot more options. I have a zen 4" dome specially for the 8-15, and you need a 20mm extension if you want to use the converter as well. Corners won't be as good as a 6" dome, but if it's CFWA you're after, I'm not too sure this will be an issue? Nauticam do a 140mm dome but this will need different extensions to the zen dome. Mike
  13. I've only used an R5 and A1 so can't comment on other models, and out of those 2 the A1 is superior. I'd still rate the R5 better than the D500 topside though, but like I said, I'm not sure exactly how it will transfer to underwater work. I'll do some wide angle sharks in guadaloupe later this year, but probably won't get to do some macro until after that to do a proper comparison. I'm just hoping it'll help with that last few percent of AF ability missing from the D500 (which I do still think is an incredible underwater camera by the way.) Mike
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