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  1. Thanks lads it was worth a try but it looks like I need to stump up for the WACP1 and excess baggage or stick with the D500 (not exactly a hardship seeing as I like the gear!) The technical side of setting up doesn't mean too much to me but I do enjoy reading exchanges like this that teach me stuff I don't know thanks again Mike
  2. Hi, Just wondered if anybody out there had any knowledge of if the Nauticam WWL-1 can be used on Canon full frame, Basically, I have a Nikon D500 housed in a Nauticam for underwater use and am very happy with it, and hadn't really thought of changing it, However, I couldn't take to using Nikon gear topside (long time Canon user here) and have ended up with an R5 - again I'm very happy using this for topside wildlife. It's got me thinking though as I've always fancied trying out the Nauticam wet contact lenses. I could house the R5 and at a push I could stretch to the WACP. Only problem I can see with the WACP1 (apart from the cost obviously!) is the weight for air travel, so much of that could be negated with the WWL-1. With that lens now supporting the Sony 28-60mm I thought there may be an option to use a similar Canon lens, but there is no mention of it anywhere on the web. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to test the gear myself, but (covid permitting) my next travel is planned to be Maldives, Florida, then Gualadloupe for the GWS so I think the water contact lenses wold give perfect shooting options Anyone heard any whispers? Mike
  3. Thanks, I'll look them up, much appreciated Mike Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  4. Very happy with the D500. Ended up with the Nikon 8-15 with kenko 1.4x in a zen 4" mini-dome, with the 60mm, 105mm and SMC-1 for macro. I kept my old 8" dome in case I ever need it, but wanted the small dome for travel. Very happy so far with the setup, I'm sure a D850 with WACP would provide technically superior results, but for web use and the occasional print I'm more than happy. Excellent detail, quick focus, certainly good enough for me. Mike
  5. Hi all, The family holiday this year is in tenerife, more specifically Costa Adeje. I've never been here before, and whilst its family time, I can still probably get maybe 3 days diving in. The dates are in late July. I've read there may be decent sites for turtles and rays but apart from that I have no knowledge of the area. Can anyone assist with ideas and photographer friendly dive centres please Cheers Mike Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  6. Just an extra thought, west palm beach area of Florida - shark dives available, phil foster park for macro, Blackwater diving, probably more with a bit of internet scouring I used Jim Abernethy last time as a starting point. Mike Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  7. Take a look at El Gouna, just north of Hurghada. I dive there with a local instructor / guide / keen photographer called Moustafa Housin who freelances for Orca Dive centre. Moustafa is obsessed with the small stuff and will hunt around you for macro subjects as you compose your shots - absolutely no rushing, and he knows the sites like the back of his hand. Long dives welcomed, plenty of patience, and he gets a real kick out of getting you the subjects you want. If you want dolphins, you can probably persuade them to do a trip to Sha'ab el erg, aka Dolphin house, where if the stars align you can get some really close ups of the resident pod. I'm no expert, but here's some from the last couple of years with him https://www.mikepoolewildlife.co.uk/elgouna2019 https://www.mikepoolewildlife.co.uk/hurghada19 https://www.mikepoolewildlife.co.uk/hurghada17 Let me know if you want more details Mike
  8. Bump Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  9. 100mm now sold, sigma still available Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  10. Sigma 15mm fisheye, canon mount, a few pin prick sized rub marks to the coating, nothing that affects, pictures, looks better in real life than in these shots - £250 Located in the UK Mike
  11. No longer required after moving to Nikon, so - Canon 100mmL macro. unboxed, excellent condition, very minor rub mark under the 100mm plate, invisible in the photos. £450
  12. Located in the UK, will ship anywhere with appropriate insurance Mike
  13. Switched over to Nikon for U/W work now, so some surplus gear if anyone fancies some bargains! Nauticam 1dx housing. Fully functional, never flooded, 2 minor issues. First, the shutter release doesn't return after a shot is taken, probably just a missing spring, has no effect in real life. Secondly, the housing comes with the vacuum valve and electronics. The valve is stuck so to release the pressure, you need to twist all the valve as if you were going to unscrew it. It is still 100% functional. Handles included, obviously ! £1100 Macro port 94 for the 100mmL macro - excellent condition - £250 Nauticam TTL flash trigger, a few light rub marks, nothing major - £300
  14. Thanks pal, its on a D500, 105vr and the nauticam SMC-1, so I had the crop factor in my favour this time compared to the D850, but with the SMC its over 90% of the original frame Mike
  15. Thanks Tim, never gone this low for a shutter speed before to get a blue BG, an eye opener to see what can be done with a static subject. Cheers for your help choosing the D500, I'm happy with its first outing Mike
  16. Bought a Nauticam housing for a Nikon D500 off here and got a new Nauticam SMC-1 to go with it. This is a result from the first trip away with it - all crit welcomed and appreciated Mike edit - looks a lot better at full size
  17. Very informative post, thankyou. As it happens I ended up with a d500 in nauticam which gets its first trip on Friday. I agree mirrorless is the future and am considering a switch to sony topside next year, so who knows about the next setup! D500 will do for now! Cheers Mike Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  18. Thanks Matt, Great to hear you're happy with the d500 IQ, especially if you're used to d850 files as well. Some good points raised, much appreciated Mike Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  19. For the love of God, please avoid canon v nikon ! I think realistically the d850 and wacp is going to be out of budget by the time I add on the top side stuff and possibly upgrade my computer as well. I love my full frame gear, so having a hard time convincing myself to switch to dx but the smaller format does have several advantages underwater and I have to remember I'm doing this for fun, not profit! Cheers Mike Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  20. Excellent write up - many thanks. One question - when you refer to the wide angle stuff you're shooting on the D850 are you talking about reef scenes or big animals? My primary interest lies with the big fish, and hopefully I'll do some trips with them in the next few years thanks in advance Mike
  21. Only one I know of that offers multiple brands is Ocean Leisure but I've never had any dealings with them, and they don't advertise a range anywhere near what cameras underwater did
  22. Cheers Chris, just as I suspected. Looks like that's one place I wont be spending any money - shame because last time I dealt with them they were great Mike Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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