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  1. When are you looking at going? Just asking because I'll be in Cancun with a few days in Cozumel, arriving 24th November for 2 weeks. I normally go for private guiding but the costs there are silly, even if the actual dive prices are reasonable Mike
  2. Cheers Draq, I'll contact the above people and see what they can offer. I'm planning on going over to Cozumel a couple of times so if there is someone happy to take a slow moving photographer then the will be a big bonus! thanks again Mike
  3. Hi, A last minute change holidays means I'm off to Cancun lateNovember / early December. I've been a couple of times but always for 'occasions' like weddings so never dived seriously there, let alone taken my camera gear. I believe the area is heading towards bull shark season but does anyone else have any suggestions on locations ( I can get to Cozumel on day trips) and more importantly photographer friendly diver operators Thanks in advance Mike
  4. Hi Stenella, Welcome to Wetpixel. I have an R5 topside and it is a fantastic camera, but I'm not sure its going to be best for what you require. As a starter, here's some dolphins from Sha'ab El Erg in Egypt from a 1dx and sigma 15mm to give you an idea of the distortion - admittedly these were shot with strobes at about 15m depth. The dolphins were pretty much on top of me. I think you may be better off with either a R5 with something like a 16-35mm - the traditional requirement for sharp corners isn't really relevant here as it's likely to be water in the corners, but bare in mind that for other types of work, then yes, you will run into issues with that setup. That said, I'd maybe consider going with an APS-C camera here and either the Tokina 10-17 or one of the 8-15mm fisheyes from whichever brand you use. You could also maybe pair that with a mini dome for a smaller setup in the water that will be fine for everything apart from 'split' shots and is easier to manoeuvre through the water. Out of interest, whereabouts in the UK are you? If you're close to Manchester you can maybe take a look at my setup - a Nikon D500 with the above fisheye, and compare it to an old 1dx housing 'I have gathering dust with a larger dome to see how that feels in your hands Mike
  5. The only real concern for zooming underwater is if you're using the zoom instead of getting physically closer to your subject. If you do that then yes, you're likely to lower the IQ as you're shooting through more water than necessary. However, if you're as close as you can be and the subject doesn't fill the frame as you want it, then there is no problem zooming in - in fact here it may be better as you'll end up with more pixels on your subject. Mike
  6. From listening to the OP, then a 4/3rd camera would be my recommendation. No concerns over IQ once used competently, you can pick up a reasonably priced 2nd hand setup which if you go with a manufacturer like Nauticam that offers good upgrade capabilities then it will be a smooth transition come the inevitable upgrade! Lighter than dslr / full frame mirrorless, good water optics for the future, possibly more cash available to spend on quality strobes that should last longer than any other part of the kit. Just please please, be competent in the water before taking the rig down Mike
  7. Hi, welcome to Wetpixel, and welcome to the world of making your bank manager cry! You're likely to get lots of good, and possibly contradictory, advice with such a wide ranging question. There can be no doubt that the future of photography lies with mirrorless cameras but that's a very long way off saying dslr's are obsolete - most are still superb kits better than a large majority of shooters will ever need. The camera itself, whilst the heart of the system, won't be the most expensive part of the whole system - you need to be aware of the additional costs of add ons, not only strobes, but arms, cables, vacuum systems etc when pricing things up. So, that comes to budget - and be realistic here - it escalates fast! Will you be happy with 2nd hand? What do you intend to shoot - macros, wide angle or both? How far do you travel? If you're normally travelling by road, weight isn't too much of an issue but if you plan to fly to hard to reach locations then you may benefit from looking at a micro 4/3rd setup as opposed to a full dslr/full frame mirrorless rig. If you could answer some of the above then maybe we can tailor more personal answers Mike
  8. Interesting Tim, cheers for those - coming from a soon to be Retra owner! Mike
  9. What are you planning on shooting? If its CFWA or animals in the blue then stick with smaller dome. If you need better corners for reefscapes and the like, then you might prefer a larger dome. Mike Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  10. Apologies pal, I missed your post. Thanks for your advice, seems to fit in with what others are saying much appreciated Cheers tinman, a bit worrying that they're closing the bars up from our perspective . I'll make sure I ask Nautilus what's going on with the cages and take a smaller dome with me Mike
  11. Definitely looks a focus issue to me rather than a movement blur as there is no sideways movement in the shots, and on the first the texture of the crab is still visible even though its a long way off being sharp. What Chris says makes sense, and I would suggest trying out those settings, and maybe more, in a filled bath with some form of static subject to shoot so you're in total control of any movement etc and make a note of which settings are giving sharp results at what distance Mike
  12. Thanks again for all the responses - once we get the all clear to travel, I'll be off to try some of the suggestions Mike
  13. It sounds like you've set up the camera how it suits you - and that's exactly how it should be. It doesn't matter which way the rings/dials go, as long as you understand them. Ask 10 people here how theirs work and you'll get 10 different answers, but as long as you understand your settings then that is the right way your camera should be set up for you Mike
  14. This listing is nothing to do with me, but there is one here - http://www.uwpmag.com/?p=underwater-photography-equipment-for-sale Mike
  15. Hi Keri, I've got an R5 for topside use and its undoubtedly a great camera. I'm fighting with every sinew not to house this with the WACP as I already have a very good D500 setup! I feel your pain on the considerations! If you already have the WWL-1 lens, then maybe consider going to a Sony setup. Fantastic cameras, and the A7R4 is a relative (and I use that word loosely) bargain, certainly no more expensive than the R5 The reason I suggest that is you can use the WWL-1 with the Sony 28-60 and get the benefits from a wet lens you already own. For a fisheye, unless you want to do the full circular shots, them you could adapt one of the 15mm fisheyes to your Sony and save some money. The Canon 8-15 is superb but a lot more money if you don't want the 8mm end. Mike
  16. Are you still in Makadi Bay? If so, try diving the house reef by the Serenity hotel - it really took me by surprise how good it was once you go about 15m north of the pier where all the snorkelers stop. Loads of fish, turtles etc - I did 2 dives there taking 2 teenagers from or group on their first dives, and my buddy and I agreed it wasn't far off the outer reefs. A good way to spend an hour or so away from the hotels without doing a full boat trip! Mike
  17. Nice one Ian, thanks for the input. The Scubapro is certainly getting the plaudits here! I've got ages to decide as I won't buy until travel is confirmed and I may well service my old regs, get a new jacket and air integrated computer rather than my initial thoughts. With regs though I'll look at those - I see them everywhere with divemasters and instructors. I'll have to find somewhere that will let me try a wing style BCD - so many seem to prefer them, but never having tried one I don't want to just buy one without at least a little pool test first cheers Mike
  18. Thanks Wolfgang, You're right about the Apeks orgs, I've kept mine serviced and I've no complaints about their performance, it was more a case of weight considerations, but there may well be a case for sticking with them As for the jacket, I think its going to have to be a case of spending time in a store and looking at exact features Mike
  19. Certainly an interesting BCD there Tom! Not sure I'll find anything like it in my local dive shop though! Some good points in the text over what to consider though, so thanks Mike
  20. Thanks, Adam, interesting words on the jacket style Mike
  21. Cheers Robert, I've never used a back inflation BCD, but over the years I've heard positive things regarding the in-water stability, which obviously is a huge benefit for us on this forum. I've got plenty of time before I buy one so I can take a proper look. I also need a new computer as mine conked out on my last trip, I'd never even considered looking at an air integrated one. I only need basic air and nitrox readings - yet another thing to look at- it'll keep my busy when I'm on a night shift! thanks again Mike
  22. Cheers Chris, not aware of these, I'll take a look thanks Mike
  23. Cheers Tim, I'm expecting a variety of answers, but worth a shout in case there are any photo-specific improvements in design worth considering. I keep seeing Zeagles in review comparisons, no idea what they're like personally but they always appear towards the top in the tests cheers Mike p.s. PSG - here we come
  24. Hi all, Planning for my 50th in 2022 has made me realise that my jacket and regs are about to hit 20 years old - maybe they need to consider retirement... Once we get the all clear for travel I think its about time I got a new set but not having bought anything for so long I'm way behind on the latest trends I appreciate everyone has different tastes / needs for their gear but does anyone have any recommendations for travel friendly gear, or what to look out for, regs that are good for not shooting a stream of bubbles in front of me etc? They'll be for warm weather diving, I'll keep my Apeks environmentally sealed ones in case I decide to get cold, and as regards a jacket, I'm not the smallest or dantiest of blokes - 6'2", 16 1/2 stone Cheers Mike
  25. Tim / Chris thanks for taking the time to reply. Its not so much the FoV details, more so do the sharks come close enough, especially at Guadalupe, for those lenses. I'll take both 4" and 8" domes if I get the 10-24. Anyway, plan A has failed at the first attempt - Shearwater is fully booked on my preferred dates. They have offered me other ones I can't do, there is still a possibility I could go on a trip at the other end of the holiday, otherwise Tiger Beach might br remaining on the bucket list for a little longer sadly. I'll see if any of the Bahamas trips can offer me anything but the price may mount up if I'm not careful. Back to emailing the providers.... cheers Mike
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