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  1. still looking for 165ad wide angle and close up. thanks
  2. no longer looking for adapter, but also looking for the macro lens now. thanks
  3. still looking for lens. thanks
  4. Looking for the INON 165AD Fisheye lens and also the AD adapter. Thanks
  5. Hi all. Sorry if this topic has already been discussed already. I've already searched the forum, but I'm still a little confused. I'm pretty much set on the Canon A570IS. I know this camera has two options for housing: the Canon and the Ikelite. I plan to get an INON 165AD fisheye lens for it. I've read that the lens won't work with the Ikelite, but I also saw some people with that setup (I'm guessing they did some self modifications?). Can someone clear this up? Also, I know that the lens will work with the Canon housing, but will it need an adapter or does it attach directly to it? Thanks in advance.
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