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  1. Thanks a lot Steve, your feedback is helpful and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  2. Steve, thank you. Could you explain what you mean by "the audio panned to the right"? Do you mean stutter in the audio or in the video? In terms of video I now understand that some of the jerkiness was due to the shutter speed being too high, and I'm sure we could use a better tripod head as well. My background is in biology and still photography, so video and especially audio are still a little foreign to me! Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback.
  3. Thank you Adam, I didn't realize it was possible to embed.
  4. Hey everyone, I've recently created my first short film, together with my friend and fellow photographer Nate Dappen: Cold-blooded Cannibals The reason I'm sharing this, besides hoping you'll like it, is it features some underwater footage that we shot on a Canon 5D MkII inside a Subal housing for the old Canon 5D. It fits quite well actually, most of the controls work. Of course there's no live-view button... Getting an old Subal housing for your 5D MkII is obviously not a good idea, but considering the previous discussion on having the CD5 modified for the MkII, I figured it might be of interest to some of you. Joris
  5. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before; I'm sure it has, but I couldn't find it. I would like to know whether it's possible to have a Subal CD5 modified for a Canon EOS 5D MkII. Thanks!
  6. Hey Tim, sorry for the very belated response. This was in the Oosterschelde (Eastern Scheldt) in the Netherlands at a dive site called Bergse Diepsluis.
  7. Does anyone know which 1.4x or 1.5x teleconverters are compatible with the Sigma 15mm fisheye for Canon? In particular I would like to know about: - Soligor 1.4x DG PRO - Sigma 1.4x EX DG APO From other threads I gather the following should be compatible: - 'White' Tamron 1.4x - Kenko Pro 1.4x It's definitely not compatible (I've tried) with: - Canon EF 1.4x II Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I needn't have worried; the visibility was excellent and the animals allowed me to come very close. Here's a photo: It was an amazing dive!
  9. Tomorrow I will try to photograph cuttlefish laying eggs. I expect I will be able to get quite close, which is a good thing as I think the visibility will be around 2 meters. I haven't had the chance to work under these conditions before, so I would very much appreciate some tips on strobe and/or diffuser use! I will have a 15mm fish-eye and two Inon Z-240's on fairly short arms to work with. Thanks!
  10. You could try the clarity slider, and perhaps add some contrast using the curves sliders after increasing the exposure maybe about half a stop. For anything more effective I'd say you need something like Photoshop, with more flexibility.
  11. I don't know about Aperture, but for upsizing you could look at software like Genuine Fractals or Photozoom Pro. These appliactions use interpolation algorithms that try to distinguish between edges and surfaces and tend to result in 'sharper' images than bicubic interpolation (i.e. most photo applications). In the past I've used both to resample 8 MP files to 40×60cm 300ppi prints, with great results.
  12. I'm looking for a Subal port for the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro lens for the type 2/3 mount, i.e. FPS-120/3 or FP-FC100/3.
  13. Can anyone tell me if there are any good underwater photo stores in Jakarta? Especially ones that sell Subal? Thanks!
  14. There is some information here: http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=p...roducts_id=2470
  15. I purchased the Subal neoprene port cover for my 8" dome (DP-FE2). I followed the instructions: stick adhesive velcro to the back of the dome, after cleaning it with acetone. The adhesive velcro came undone on both sides after just two dives, so I'm not even going to try and replace it. Anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it? I have some ideas of my own, but I'd like to hear yours before I take out the sewing kit ...
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