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  1. Hi Yuki, Yes photos of the port. It's just that Nuticam make two mini domes and one is specifically for the Tokina 10 - 17. So just wanted to see if it's the one I was looking for. Cheers Nick
  2. WTB: Tokina 10 - 17mm (Nikon) Hi everyone, I thought before I look at purchasing new I would ask around and see if anyone was selling there's. I'm in Sydney Australia. Cheers Nick
  3. Hi Alex, I am using a Nikon D7000 in the Nauticam NA-D7000V housing. I actually saw that Reefnet make their own universal adapters for their Subsee diopters but interested to know what other ones are available.
  4. Actually Ryan I was checking out your website and you apparently sell a Nauticam Compact Port 30 With M67 Thread?
  5. Hello everyone, Does anyone know if there is an adapter to connect the subsee +10 diopter to my Nauticam Compact 30 port. The port doesn't have any thread so I can't use the M67 port adapters. Also I am using the Nikon 60mm 2.8D lens so there isn't even a port that I can purchase that has the 67mm thread like the Macro Port 60 for the ED version of this lens! I think I can purchase the Woody's Diopter that will just push on the front of the port but really wanted to use the Subsee. Am I resigned to having to buy the ED lens and a port with 67mm thread? Does anyone know? I messaged Xit404 on Facebook as their email link is not working but I can't get a reply. I believe they make adapters for Ikelite, Subal, Aquatica etc but can't see one for a Nauticam port. Are there any Xit404 reps on Wetpixel? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Nick
  6. Hello Wayne, I had a major problem with oil spots when I first got my D7000. Apparently during assembly they put too much oil on certain parts. I kept taking it back to Nikon Australia until it was finally fixed. You can read my full story here on the Ausphotography Forums. Not sure if it is related to your problem but seems very similar! http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/showthread.php?88886-Nikon-D7000-oil-(lubricant-on-sensor)-problem-resolved Regards, Nick
  7. Thanks Ryan, I had to go the other way from the non wireless to the wireless and just changed the plug end. Not the whole L bendy bit haha I notice that Reef Photo has some great specials at the moment on the Sola lights.... hmmmmmm to find some money lying around now!
  8. Yes you could probably strip the plastic plug that you screw into. It was sooooo simple. At least if someone else looks up this topic they can read that it was dead easy. I should have recorded it on my gopro lol
  9. I bit the bullet and changed it. It was a 2 minute job and as simple as removing two Phillips head screws with the jewellers screw driver. Sooooooo easy!
  10. Thanks Bill, Do you know if it impacts on whether or not the strobe functions properly if you don't change out the connector? I cant see how it would if its just transmitting light and it fits! Again I tried to google the information but cant find anything. Thanks Nick
  11. Hi Erik, Yes mine is the type four and they sent out the cable that needs me to change the connector. Is there anything that I need to look out for when changing the connectors? ie; breaks easily, don't tighten the screws too much, not enough... I have looked online but I cant find any articles on how to change them. Anyone? Is it very straight forward? Just thought I would ask before taking it to pieces and finding out later I shouldn't have done that haha Regards. Nick
  12. Hello again everyone, Well I purchased the INON Z-240 strobe and the Nauticam to INON fibre optic cable but apparently I have to change the connector that joins to the strobe end! A couple of questions spring to mind; 1) Has anyone else done this and how easy is it? 2) Is this necessary? I plan on trying the strobe set on S-TTL for macro shooting if that makes a difference. Thanks Nick
  13. Beautiful images Jack thanks for sharing. My Z-240 actually arrived today! Now I'm trying to work out how to change the plug on the fibre optic cable? Why do they supply a cable stated "nauticam to inon" and it comes with the wrong connector? I have seen the D1 (upgraded 110a isn't it) and looks like a very nice and compact unit. Oh well I have the Inon now so have to start practicing how to use it haha
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