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  1. Yes, you read that price correctly. Small group trips all over the west pacific. Details are here: Scubaguam.com.
  2. This is a complete HD 1080 video system pkg with a spare camera. This system was used for ta TV series and other videos that I have produced. It has a built in filter for blue water, wide angle zoom thru and separate close up lens, spare batteries and chargers, a great monitor, a spare HFS-11 with an really nice Raynox wide angle lens, clip to attach the unit to you, and a separate mic. This promo video taken last year is an example of what the camera can do. https://vimeo.com/51183548. I have float-stix modules on the bottom to make this unit slightly negative u/w and will include them The only items that are not included and I have sold separately are the Sola 2000 lights. You can also take very good still pix with it. This is ready to dive with. New it cost me way over $6,000. I'm asking $2,200 and I'd like to sell it to someone here on Wetpixel before I put it on Ebay. I live on Guam so the shipping would be by usps priority mail.
  3. Thanks for confirming the weight. I have a new Sony NEX-5 and Nauticam housing that I'll be using with it.
  4. I currently have an Inon s-2000 and need to get one more strobe. I'm considering the Sea & Sea ys-110a as it has a focus light and has a higher guide number. I use home made loc line arms and the specs say it weights -.04 ounces u/w. I plan on using a Stix float on the arm. Not that I doubt manufacturers claims but is the strobe really that light? Thanks for any help on this.
  5. Totally agree. In the end you'll be happy you did. As someone pointed out a wide angle lens (>75 degrees) is a great help with video. Good luck.
  6. I've put up some info and videos from two different small video cameras here: http://www.scubaguam.com/index.htm. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks to both for the answers. I'll pass them on. Phil, it was your review on the housing that I recommended he read. He based his decision to get it from that. Very factual review. Thanks. Hell, I might even get one. It would be nice to have one camera that takes both decent video and stills.
  8. OK, a friend of mine is trying to decide (before buying anything) which of the following adapters for the NEX 5 16mm lens will give him an overall wider image on the Nauticam housing with the wide dome port. The VCL-ECF1 (fisheye) or the VCL-ECU1 (wide angle conversion??? I'm assuming, only by the name, that the fisheye will but he doesn't like the fisheye effect on lenses. I don't shoot stills, but told him I knew a forum that just might have the answers. Ideas???
  9. FYI, there's a soft focus issue on the GoPro HD housing when shooting u/w so you might want to get a flat lens corrected housing. There's a couple of manufacturers of these, and one of em is here: http://www.eyeofmine.com/gopro/index.html. I also took the camera with the flat lens housing out and tested it under varying conditions. The video is here: http://vimeo.com/14169610 Hope this helps.
  10. If is there I don't know where it is. They have outputs, but no apparent inputs.
  11. Yeah, I knew that but was hoping someone else had another workaround on a lens. Thanks anyway.
  12. Anyone know of a wider port than the GP-32 for this housing?
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