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  1. Hi all! I've been shooting for a while on land, but 3 months messing about in Antibes with a cheap PandS with a broken screen + housing has got me interested in taking something serious below the waves. I think the problem is going to be my choice of camera though - I got my Sony a900 long before I even considered taking it underwater. Are there any options for this, or would it require a change of systems? I really don't want to do that - I'm very happy with my current kit. I'm also not sure a 24-70 zoom is going to be any good underwater - too big to fit? How about a Zeiss 135 f1,8 (77mm filters) - it close focuses quite nicely, but also too big? I'm more interested in some of the swimming pool fashion shots I've been seeing here than the underwater wildlife/macro stuff - so could I get away with a bag for a while, just to play? I've also seen a lot along the lines of 'someday it will leak and your camera will die'. I have photoguard insurance - would they be impressed if I filed a claim for a written-off camera and lens? Do I need to change my insurance? This is all very speculative, I'm certainly not running out to buy anything for at least a year, but I'd like to get some idea of my options. Thanks for the handholding, I look forward to showing you some results one day!
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