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  1. Hi all, After 20 festivals around the Globe our award winning short movie is online now and ready to be watched! Share it as you like and happy new year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mkROP5wWjM Synopsis: A boat and its working crew in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. a father, a captain, never wanted his boy to work on the sea. The boy finds work in another boat a result of his affection of the sea. The boy learns diving from the cripple Omer, a famous diver working on that boat whom was healthy without a bend then. Time passes the cripple and the boy ends up working on the captain’s boat. There is sponge shortage, dives passes no sponge! Crew is upset and there is frustration among the crew. The tension between the trilogy (captain, the boy & the cripple), drives the viewer into a desolation in the middle of the sea and its bottom. Festivals: * 51th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Official Selection 10-18 October 2014 Antalya, Turkey * 41th Addition Festival Mondial deI'Image Sous-Marine Official Selection - October 30-November 2, Marseille France * Viewers Choice Award 2nd International Bosphorus Short Film Festival,14-28 November 2014, Istanbul, Turkey * 2nd BEST FILM 2nd Seattle Turkish Film Festival 2nd Best Film 23 November 2014, Seattle, USA * BEST FILM 16th Belgrade Underwater Film Festival December 2014 * 2015 Selection Beneath the waves Film Festival (20 cities around the globe) * ANZAC 100 Years celebration film festival - Melbourne, Australia ACMI- April 2015 * Official Selection, Roma Turkish Film Festival September, 2015 * JIFFEST - Indonesian Film Festival November 2015 * Official Selection, International Ankara Film Festival 25 April - 3 May 2015 * Special Jury Award Dogaka Short Film Festival, 22 July 2015 Hatay-Turkiye * 11th Holy Shorts Film Festival, Special Selection, Los Angeles-USA * Official Selection Blue Ocean Film Festival-Monaco 6-9 November 2015 * selection izmir Short Film Festival 2015 Cheers, Mert Gokalp www.mertgokalp.com
  2. Hi Rhodiediver, thanks for your question. Here is the items in the rig. Please add them up and tell me what do you want to pay for the rig. The rig is in perfect condition. Check out the prices for the video lights, dome port, nano flash (used for gathering 4.4.2. video output instead of Sony Ex-1's native 4.4.0 output) and the monitor. You will see why! cheers, 1x Sony PMW-EX1R XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorder $7900 1X Gates EX1R Underwater Housing $8500 1X Moisture Alarm: $167 1X Microphone: $210 1X EM43 High Resolution Monitor $2325 1X Gates flat port p44 $450 (macro) 1X Gates Fathom Imaging SWP44c Super Wide Port $4948 2X Gates Green Force HID 250 Video Lights with FIII Batteries $4475 1X Nano Flash Convergent Design 2995$ 2X Hoodman 32GB SxS memory adapters with 32GB SDHC Cards: $179x4= $716 1X Internal flip diopter system w/ close up diopter $400 1X Standard SP44 (Dome) Port, (*paid $450) 1X New O-Ring Kit $50 1X Gates Tripod $575 2X Bouancy Tubes tubes are $158
  3. This underwater camera set worked in around 20 documentaries/featured film/short movies. This set will allow you to shoot 16:9 HD 1920 x 1080 format with excellent lighting/illumination. The maintenance of the set has been done recently this year. The batteries and lights of the video lights has been changed recently. Along with the set, I will give out sony battery charger , 2 batteries used with nano converter. battery chargers for the video light batteries 2 sony hard disk shell, 2 Gates bouancy tubes. Some works where this equipment was used; - Yemekteydik ve Karar Verdim - Feature Lenght movie - Anatolian Tales - Featured Documentary (will be released in June) - Bluefish - Prince of Bosphorus (Featured documentary in production ) - Dusky Grouper : (Featured documentary in production ) - IRME-A sponge Diver Movie (Award winning short movie) - Labyrinth TV Documentary TVPRO (Netherlands-Curacao) http://www.mertgokalp.com/gallery/labyrinth/ - HET klokhius TV Documentary NTR (Netherlands-Curacao,corals) - HET klokhius TV Documentary NTR (Netherlands-Curacao,sponges) http://www.mertgokalp.com/gallery/het-klokhuis-sponges/ - Underwater world Heritage: Short doc Sahika Ercumen Freediver Trailer - - Kas Underwater Marine Life Trailer - Bodrum Underwater Marine Life Trailer - Eilat Red Sea Marine Life Trailer - Twilight ROV Trailer When bought the total price of the set was 31.000 USD. THE SET is involved of : GATES EX1R Housing Sony PMW EX1 CAMERA GATES EM43 High Resolution Monitor GATES Flat Port GATES macro Port and filters (+1,+2, +4) + color filters GATES Fathom SWP44c Port GATES HID Squid 250 w/FIII Batt. 2 pieces GATES Diopter Kit GATES underwater tripod Convergent design Nano flash converter 4.2.2 recording device 2 Peli hard case Note: warming dives can be made if buyer comes for this training. Or I can walk you through safe usage of the came set, cleaning assembly, disassembly and etc.
  4. Our new underwater documentary project in the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The documentary is about Pomatomus saltatrix (Bluefish - a migratory species which is also found in the East Atlantic coastline as well) yearly journey, conservation efforts and the scientific work on its sustainable fisheries. Please spread the word, share and support us & bluefish... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bluefish-prince-of-bosphorus/x/9543141
  5. Dear all, We recently shot a short movie in Bodrum Turkey in July 2013 and editing is finished just a week ago. I have a feeling that many of you might be interested to watch the movie. I try to submit it as many festivals as possible this way people interested and dear colleagues may have chance to watch it in their hometown in a film festival. But as you could appreciate it is very hard to achieve this. If you would like to have the movie in an underwater festival or appropriate platform close to you please don't hesitate to contact me. Here is the trailer of the movie; IRME TRAILER https://vimeo.com/106506540 Synopsis: A boat and its working crew in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. a father, a captain, never wanted his boy to work on the sea. The boy finds work in another boat a result of his affection of the sea. The boy learns diving from Omer 'The cripple' a famous diver working on that boat whom was healthy without a bend then. Time passes the cripple and the boy ends up working on the captain’s boat. There is sponge shortage, dives pass but no sponge! Crew is upset and there is frustration among the crew. The tension between the trilogy (captain, the boy & the cripple), drives the viewer into a desolation in the middle of the sea and the seabed. IRME FB page; https://www.facebook.com/pages/IRME/1477722369146756?fref=ts Cheers, Mert Gokalp www.mertgokalp.com +90 5377086534 irme press kit.pdf
  6. thanks a lot for the link Udo, most useful indeed. Now we just need to wait for the uw videos I guess best wishes, mert
  7. yeah I looked at the discussion here on the advertisement movie for the camera but its such a big production and its not providing sufficient answers for me. I just need to see more user videos online to be able to understand the abilities. The shutter, aperture ISO adjustments are always great to have it together with two card slots, HDMI and voice recording. In comparison some of the aspects are even better than MKIII but thats in theory. Canon has been producing good quality video cameras for ages and i so want to believe that Nikon achieved that too. I am sure about the quality should have no problem on that respect. MKII has found itself in the market with the low budget filming productions all around the world. Nikon had to give an answer to that. My question is : how efficient is their answer???
  8. Hey guys, I am planning on changing my d300s ikelite system with d800 but I have two questions in mind. I used d300 and d300s happily shot hundred thousands of pictures but its time to pass to full frame with better quality lenses and i really need the full HD video ability. I am using a Sony EX-1 totally love it but it is many times tiring to carry that weight around besides I am willing to do some macro videos with d800 ad it will be a good back up. - How good and satisfactory of the video quality of d800 compared to Canon 5D MKII? - Do you have any idea when ikelite is planning to come up with the new d800? price? cheers, mert http://www.wetbluediary.com
  9. Yeah she is just gorgeous! and I really great personality which makes it even sweeter:))
  10. Hi all, here is something I get together around July 2011 waited for her to break the records. Hope you enjoy it... [vimeohd]32108396[/vimeohd] http://vimeo.com/32108396 Sahika is a talented freediver, recently just broke 2 world records! check her out & support her, I am telling she is just warming up. Divers: Sahika Ercumen & Edhem Dirvana Camera & Edit: Mert Gokalp If you ever end up sailing in Eastern Mediterranean, go & check crystal clear waters of Bozburun, dont forget to visit an excellent seaman Edhem and his great place Bozburun Yatch Club. If you want to know about marine life of Eastern Mediterranean Sea go and check my website Wetbluediary for thousands of pictures and species information, dont forget to visit the Eastern Mediterranean marine species database sahikaercumen.com http//wetbluediary.com bozburunyatkulubu.com/​ Video embedded correctly: Admin
  11. just saw this ikelite product for 800 $ back compartment which allows using the video function. thats sneaky, 800 bucks for just pressing the video. i am wondering if there is a way to convert one of the arms inside to press that button
  12. It was actually, more than 30 degrees celcius, but shouldnt be a problem dont you think?
  13. I had this wierd event with my EX1 Gates housing & Greenforce new FIII batteries last month during our new documentary shootings. After the dive, I left the housing in a shady area to dry a bit, rinsed off its fresh water on it. While eating my lunch i heard a heavy explosion sound and a lady running away. I was thinking please not the housing, but yes there it was one of the batteries exploded spilling the battery fluid outside breaking the outer part of the battery. luckily nobody get hurt or it didnt explode while I was working on it. Checking it the night before, there was no signs of water getting in, broken part or corrosive elements. We send the battery and the light to greenforce for an investigation, there is no word yet but hopefully soon i will get my batteries and continue soon. cheers, Mert gokalp Marine Biotechnologist UW Photographer & Videographer http://www.wetbluediary.com
  14. Did anybody tried or using nikon D300s in D300 housing? It seems like some functions wont be available but can you reach the video button? Mert Gokalp Marine Biotechnologist UW Photographer & Videographer http://www.wetbluediary.com
  15. Thanks alot, I did around 20 dives I guess. The mediterranean is liked that but when you know where to go and when to go it is full of suprises. I am about to publish a guide book of Eastern Mediterranean so i kind of know where to find the creatures. This sea was better 20 years ago and I hope it wont get worser. Kas and Saroz are some places to see how it was 20 years ago. brittish people are still coming and the daily tours are there, still loud, but there is always ways to avoid them but some bays of Bodrums is a place where you cant avoid them. Try other seasons or less known places. Then you will love it for sure. cheers, mert
  16. You are right about this fact Paul, The restrictions are still there for foreigners. You need to dive with a local dive instructor or dive center. You can not just go in get your equipment and scuba dive yourself. Actually you can without getting permission but if you are caught they take your equipment. But thats kind of understandable, Italians and French people travelling with yatches surfaced so many archeological artifacts around 70s that the government had to put this stupid regulations. We still suffer because of that but i guess it protected some of the wrecks. The restrictions are there only for protected areas and military bases. Other than that archeological sites are restricted. but you can go anywhere with a diver center or local diving instructors who holds a licence to take people diving. If you have something in mind I would love to help you out around Turkey. Mert G.
  17. Just found embedding vimeo videos here. Looks better now... Anyway enjoy and comment - or + mert
  18. Hi, Here is something I get together for introducing Eastern Mediterranean Sea Diving in Bodrum - Turkey [vimeohd]27479438[/vimeohd] Caves, plane and shipwrecks, geographical formations, UW archeology, blue wall diving, night dwellers,marine life with fishes, crabs, tubeworms, anemones,shrimps,nudibranch,octopus,cuttlefish,sponges, algae.. Visit Bodrum and enjoy diving in splendid blue & turquoise waters with amazing visibility... Hope you enjoy... Mert http://www.wetbluediary.com
  19. Honestly Robert, Thats what I am hoping as I ı was suprised to receive those two previous packages as well. Hopefully they will come before 2011. Mert
  20. many thanks for your attention Steve, I am publishing a guide book for Eastern Mediterranean Sealife Steve. It has 380 marine species in it and I hope to publish it in english in the near future. I hope it will represent these waters and be a good guidebook for a region lacking many sources. Mert
  21. Merhaba my friend, They had problems sending with USPS and send the last items with UPS last time. But for the 3rd case he once again used USPS, I guess he forgot about the problems (I can understand it is cheaper). So we care calling daily to be able to get our equipment. They told us that they couldn't find the package yestarday and they are going to check it out again. So this goes over and over and you kind of get in a mood not trusting anything anymore which is sad. I totally regret working with them and I hope I can receive the light system and the batteries The system will be useles without these items. Thanks to everybody responded. mert
  22. Steve, thnaks for your efforts but; I don't know how you get the news but yes we were able to talk yesterday and they told us that its been send by USPS last week. With the tracking number they provided we looked through it and there is no package like that unfortunately. So we called again and he said he will be checking out the post office yesterday and calll back. Bu no call came to us from him. We are going to call again today. For the delivery of last two bags we experienced similar kind of thing. They told us that apperently USPS does not send it to Turkey Istanbul and they don't know the firm that it has been sent to. But that is not true as the firm is an international elevator company and yes USPS works with Turkey. So as a summary our problem is not solved my friend. There is still no tracking number and no delivery. Mert
  23. Hi Steve, I have been waiting for my delivery for more than 3 months. We purchased it in August, received the 2 bags in october and still waiting for the lights set up and replacement equpiment from them. I can not get e-mails form them. They don't answer calls. We paid serious money and 4 months later I cannot shoot anything. We were told that they have been waiting for FIII batteries from gates, it arrived 20 days ago, they were supposed to send the items last friday and still no word from them. I cannot describe how many e-mails and phone calls I made for this delivery. If I was in LA I know I can handle this situation quite well but being here you cant do anything. I hope somebody living near this shop will be kind enough to help out a fellow photographer. mert
  24. I am wondering about anyone had an issue with H20photo? I have some equipment issues and need assistance
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